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  • Dreams from the earth - (2013)
  • Secret signs of green - (2015)
  • The golden soul - (2016)



Members featured in the album

  • Dreams from the earth - (2013)


BRUNO MANSINI - All instruments and vocals


Members featured in the album

  • Secret signs of green - (2015)


BRUNO MANSINI - All instruments and vocals


Guest musicians:

CAUÉ DOKTORCZYK - Electric & acoustic guitars

EDUARDO “Alemão” AGUIAR - Guitar

BRUNO GODINHO - Electric guitars




Bruno Mansini had his first contact with music when he was four. At six yearsold, he was strongly influenced by various musical genres that his father, usually heard through vinyls, cassette tapes and radio stations.

By doing so, Bruno decided to start studying percussion; due to their greater contact with instruments, he was improving his musical and technical knowledge. At sixteen, he decided to give a new direction to his musical life.

He started to study one of the most important instruments of percussion of the western civilization, the drums. Bruno had contact with various masters’ drummers, which also helped him to improve his studies in symphonic and popular percussion.

As a musician, he participated of several musical groups and bands, one of them was the "Yes" cover band called "Yessongs", in which he had been the drummer for two years.

At the same time, Bruno was doing a BA in “Music Composition”, when he first realized that he was fascinated by the Eastern civilization. With such fascination, he decided to start studying Indian classical music to understand one of the most spectacular cultures of the Eastern world.

After 10 years of in-depth studies of Indian classical music, specialized magazines recognized Bruno as one of the 100 outstanding Brazilian drummers due to his involvement with Eastern music.

Despite his studies of Western classical music, and his works as a musician in some groups of Eastern music, Bruno is currently dedicated to the research of different instruments and new musical genres.

Today, as a composer, Bruno has just released his first debut album, titled as “Dreams from the earth”, an union of popular music with various elements of Progressive Rock, Symphonic influences and Eastern music, and know “Secret signs of green” - Crossover of the musical elements from 70's, 80's and 90's.

In early 2016 he released his third album "The golden soul".




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