Viajero Inmóvil - Difusión de grupos progresivos independientes

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  • 50 bandas argentinas fundamentales - Lado A - (2016)



Miguel Dente

Born in Montevideo - Uruguay [1965], nationalized Argentine, transits from graphic design and architecture [UBA] coming to get 1st prize in architectural Theoretical development of the Bienal de Arte Joven ´91 organized by the Municipality of Buenos Aires. He works as a real estate broker occupationally [UTN] and has participated in various literary anthologies.

In 1998 he received the award Pablo Neruda: 1st I mention in the Hall of illustrated poetry ArtEspacio gallery. Together with Hector Palacio -comrade Carlos Pellegrini school- edit “Vuelta al lugar de los hechos”  in 1999

Del Tridente edit “Chatarra de luxe”, compilation that includes poems written by him and the writer Beatriz Barsky, with brief foreword by León Gieco.


Daniel Gaguine

He is a journalist and writer. He studied Communication Sciences at the University of Buenos Aires. It was the theater awards jury Trinidad Guevara and Luisa Vehil. Editor of the magazine “Noticias Urbanas”, “Elixir”, “Probá Acípesu” and the portal, in which he wrote about culture (music and theater). He is a member of the Communications, Performing Arts and Audiovisual Arts (Faculty of Social Sciences) and the editor “Escénicas.Sociales”. He published theater critical analyzes in “Diez por diez”. Dramatic literature and stage writing and interviews in Communication and Performing Arts I - presented in Cordoba in the "Mercosur Festival 2015" -. He covered the concerts by artists such as U2, Paul McCartney and The Cure, among others, for their cultural blog “El Caleidoscopio de Lucy”.In 2013 he published in Spain and Argentina with Matías Recis the biography of “Metallica: Furia, sonido y velocidad”.


Matías Recis

He is a teacher and journalist. Collaborates on various alternative means of culture since 2006 and has interviewed important figures in music. From 2012 and until now publishes essays and reviews of Rock in the magazine “Dale” and the site In 2013 published in Spain and Argentina along with Daniel Gaguine the biography of “Metallica: Furia, sonido y velocidad”. Parallel he teaches Contemporary Art and Culture.




  • 50 bandas argentinas fundamentales - Lado A - (2016)


From Los Gatos ... until Sumo ... First part of two volumes comprising a detailed research work and the exclusive word of more than 150 artists, the relevant concerts, documentation images and attachments with the trajectory of artists, record companies anthologies and the books of Argentine Rock.