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  • Estación imposible - Expreso imaginario y el periodismo contracultural - (2016)



Sebastian Benedetti and Martin E.Graziano are journalists, graduates in Social Communication at the School of Journalism at the Universidad Nacional de la Plata.


Sebastián is also a specialist in cultural journalism by the UNLP, where he is currently teaching and research. He has written for magazines such as Rumbos, La Mano, Brando, La Pulseada, Diagonales, Gatopardo (Colombia/México) and  Séptimo Sentido (El Salvador). In 2013, his essay “Los subterráneos. Apuntes para una contracultura en el papel” was awarded by the Senado de la Nación Argentina. Eventually, walks his words on the radio.


Martín has published articles in magazines like Rolling Stone, Rumbos, La Mano, Brando, Infonews, G7, Planeta Urbano, TDI, Gata Flora, La Pulseada, Orsai (Argentina/España), Gatopardo (Colombia/México), Séptimo Sentido (El Salvador), Latina (Japón) and  Avianca en Revista (Colombia), has participated in collective books La Plata, invented city and Free Composition: Argentina's musical creation in democracy, and has written scripts for television channel Encuentro cycles. Jury in Premios Konex popular music and leads the fund evening program on Radio Universidad de La Plata. He is the author of  the book “Cancionistas del Río de La Plata”. Después del rock, una música popular para el siglo XXI.




  • Estación imposible - Expreso imaginario y el periodismo contracultural - (2016)


In the winter of 1976, a few months of a new coup, the streets of Buenos Aires woke up papered with the announcement of the release of a new magazine called Expreso Imaginario. In the center, crowned by the mists of time, smiling a pierrot, ultimate symbol of the project: the cosmic and vital delirium in the midst of darkness. Founded by Jorge Pistocchi and Pipo Lernoud, the Expreso not only became a refuge but, with the incorporation of young people like Alfredo Rosso Roberto Pettinato, Claudio Kleiman and Fernando Basabru- laid the foundation of specialized journalism.

"Estación Imposible is an excellent bibliographical news for both those interested in the past of the Argentine Rock as restless readers through the history of the press in this blessed country Sergio Pujol says in the prologue. And of course, it is good news for those who know how valuable that stimulus was printed for our aesthetic education and, let's face it, politics. Or was nonpolitical treat the history of native peoples when schools and colleges across the country commemorated the centenary of the so-called 'Conquest of the Desert'? And what about the silence of football during the World ominous 78 ?. Estación Imposible told and retold with great precision what was the magazine-its moments and adventures, its makers and readers, themes and styles-but also when and why was what it was. We placed in the context of the counterculture Argentina version, with its fanzines, his sketches, his universal search, an effort to end both provincialism and many blinders, opposing the discourse of authoritarianism and fear the breath of life still-beating " . Rock, Jazz, Folklore, poetry, literature, science, ecology, films and cartoons in a cocktail that even today remains a myth and a time reference.




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