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  • Cómo lograr despegar en un único intento - (CDr) - (2011)



Members featured in the album

  • Cómo lograr despegar en un único intento - (CDr) - (2011)



JUAN DE LOJO - Guitars and vocals

AUGUSTO RODRIGUEZ - Bass, vocals and sound effects

MARTIN MUNTAABSKI - Drums and percussion




Octavio Sendero is an experimental musical project started in 2009 whose roots are based on Psychedelia and Progressive Rock. The group search is channeled towards sound horizons playing with dense, light, dream, surreal symphonic and climates. The staging is supplemented by visual projections, clips and lighting effects that invite viewers to travel.

Since 2010 Octavio Sendero has performed its proposal leading to different scenarios of the City of Buenos Aires, as well as the Atlantic coast in summer periods, highlighting their performances in 'Ultra' together with Sur Oculto within a presentation in “Club del Logro”; “Espacio Lautrec” (Mar del Plata) with Anhedonia and the “Teatro Garrick” by the internationally-renowned group of Progressive Electronic music, Klauss.

Octavio Sendero has released their first album "“Cómo lograr despegar en un único intento” in 2011 at “La Siesta del Fauno” Studio, produced and mixed by Ernesto Romeo and recorded, mixed and mastered by engineer Pablo Gil. The album features an eclectic repertoire, which are set aside traditional structures and priority is given to the sound search, with intensive work on multiple synthesizers categorical crowned flight of electric and acoustic guitars. Passages with the intervention of drum sets can also be seen, contrasting acoustic with the electronic. The lyrics point to important topics such as communication, truth, observation of reality, a vocabulary full of symbolism.




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