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  • Zen - (1998)  
  • Amálgama - (2014)  



Members featured in the album

  • Zen - (1998)  


ZÉ EDUARDO NAZARIO - Drums, percussion, vaso, tablas, berimbau, electronic sounds, marimbau, khena do Laos, kalimba, tubophone, glockenspiel, xilophone and vocals

LELO NAZARIO - Keyboards


Members featured in the album

  • Amálgama - (2014)  


ZÉ EDUARDO NAZARIO - Drums and percussion

LELO NAZARIO - Keyboards and electronic sounds



Again Zé Eduardo Nazario together with Lelo Nazario formed the Duo Nazario in 1989, performing at the 13th Guiomar Novaes Week in São João da Boa Vista along with São Paulo State Symphonic Band, as well as in a series of events such as the 10th Brazilian Contemporary Music Biennial in Rio de Janeiro in 1993.

Also in 1998 he produced the CD "Zen" featuring a collection of new material and some of his greatest performings as well.

In 2014 the duo released their second work "Amálgama". The eleven tracks explore multiple combinations between 20th century classical music, jazz, electronic music, Brazilian rhythms, and free improvisation.

"Amálgama" brings together reworked versions of older themes originally written for other instrumental combinations, now presented here in new arrangements which emphasize the Duo's dialogue.

In addition, the album features seven new and previously unreleased compositions which deepen even more the combination of electronic sounds, drums, and percussion, producing a wealth of timbres, rhythms, and themes, and so creating an intense and unexpected sound.

"Amálgama" synthesizes a trajectory of inventiveness and daring very rare in the world of music both in Brazil and abroad. Working with the musical languages of our time, it faces the 21st century issues and advances frontiers.

The album was recorded and mixed at Soundfinger studios and mastered at UTOPIA Studio, both in São Paulo.