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  • Crónica de los Xawks  - (2015)



Mario Roberto "Pepe" Alvarez was born on June 26, 1948 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In 1961 he meets Victor Ignacio Figueroa Barrese, fellow freshman class at the Escuela Nacional de Educación Técnica Nº 8 “Ing. José Luis Delpini” in the neighborhood of Flores, Buenos Aires. A year later he joined his class Hector Luis Tomé Passarello.

In 1963 they decide to study each instrument with the idea of ??forming a band. That same year know Roberto Ricardo Segovia Olarieta. And so, together, helped by the older brother of Ro begin to learn the basics of Rock and Roll.

In November 1964 they decided to name the band Xawks.

In January 1968 joins Vicente Hugo Vázquez Lezcano and be the Xawk 5. During those years are presented in different shows and started his musical career.

In 2010 Ro Alvarez starts aa look and lay all documents, photographs, drawings and papers pertaining to the Archive of the Xawks incorporating additional data that are part of this book that was published in mid-2015.




  • Crónica de los Xawks  - (2015)


Los Xawks were a group of friends who meet in the first years of high school and decide to form a band to play Rock.

Live those years for this purpose and its activities are virtually set priority. The book wants to show how Los Xawks, plus a musical group, was to some extent a way of being, a space where you unwrapped, without too many limitations, Victor, Luis, Ro, Berto and then Tico.

The Chronicle is not intended to be a textbook on the history of the sixties, but count how Xawks and its members took place in those years. How they thought, what they did and the result of their production: their songs, from those that were recorded for the label Mandioca, until that remain unpublished.

It is in Buenos Aires where half of the sixties is consolidated in Spanish Rock, which will then be called Progressive Music and with the time called National Rock, where were framed Xawks

The group Xawks is a native of the city of Buenos Aires formed by schoolmates in the area of ??Caballito and Flores.

Started its activities in 1963 as a quartet without Tico Vazquez who joined in 1968, the band had as distinctive within the letters of their songs which were very poetic and vocal arrangements made with good and just musically.

The name is pronounced "Jauks" and has no particular meaning.

The first single arrives in early 1969 by the label Opus, a subsidiary of Atlantic.

It is published without cover art but accompanies a sheet made with mimeograph or offset with the letters of the two themes ("Decepción" / "Pedro nadie, mi hermano"). The Pinap magazine (Nº 16. July, 1969) makes a little comment on this record and a photo with members of other groups of the moment.

At the end of January 1970 is published in the mythical Mandioca Label his second single disc MS 12 with the songs “Alguien me está esperando” and “El tiempo”,  which has a red colored cap with the silhouette of the musicians in black .

Shortly after the release of his album, in early 1970 the band dissolved and all members unless Ro Alvarez form the "Victoria" group, which later would publish a few simple by the label Disc Jockey.


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