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  • Tiempo de escupir y vomitar - (2006)
  • Carnicera - (2010) EP
  • Sinapteína - (2012)
  • Cisma - (2015)



Members featured in the album

  • Cisma - (2015)


ALEJANDRA MARIONA - Guitars, vocals and composition

MARIELA TALENTO - Guitars, vocals and composition






Formed in September 2003 in Buenos Aires, Alejandra Mariona and Mariela Talento on vocals and guitars.

In May 2006 they released their first LP “Tiempo de escupir y vomitar”, fifteen original songs and a cover of a classic The Smiths (There is a light that never goes out). Recorded, mixed and mastered by Hernán Caratozzolo at Casa Frida Studies.

In 2009 know Tito Fargo.

In 2009 undertake the production of "Carnicera", coordinated by Carlos "Peluk" Goldsack, a single whose artistic production was in charge of Tito Fargo (ex-guitarist Los Redonditos de Ricota, current Ararat and Gran Martell).

In 2011, they recorded “Sinapteína”, their second album again with Tito Fargo in artistic production. The album was released on the label Oui Oui Records in May 2012.

In early 2015 comes “Cisma” and is a disc with a valve rock weighing, great forcefulness and instrumental presence at the same time does not leave the song. With direct and metaphor lyrics. Eight songs place where the vocals are made between abundant instrumental passages, exhibiting his own label and coming musical identity of Alejandra Mariona and Mariela Talento commanding vocals and guitars, alternating between soft, raw and energetic sounds. Generating firing effects combine a wide variety of atmospheres with different intensities. The quartet is completed by Javier Prazak on bass and the recent addition of Ariel Andres Solito (Dragonauta) on drums, provides a base forcefully to engage the set of rhythms and melodies proposed by guitars.




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