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  • El tiempo - (2011)
  • Los Peces - (2012)
  • Hilario - (2014)



Members featured in the album

  • Hilario - (2014)


MARIANA PÄRAWAY - Guitar, harp, charango, ronroco, glockenspiel, piano and vocals

LEANDRO LACERNA - Bass, guitars, programming, accesories, piano, Hammond, Funmachine, ronroco and chorus


Guest musicians:







ALEJANDRA MORO - Drums, percussion and bombo legüero



Born in General Alvear, a town of Mendoza. Since she can remember, the music has been in his heart. At age 6 she wanted to learn guitar but could not, so she played flute and choir at school. At 16 years if he could, she began studying guitar in Santa Rosa, La Pampa, where she had moved with his family.

Never ceased to touch her. She started high school and later studied with Mario Figueroa. She entered the cello, but lasted just because the teacher died. At age 20 she went back to Mendoza, but this time to the capital to study guitar in the University.

There was invited to play in a band called PRISMAL and then PRISMALES, with whom she played for eight years; Meanwhile, she was part of another band called GLAMOUR and was Punk style.

Time passed while playing around with distortions Heavy Metal. Suddenly, one day in 2008, she broked the heart and started making sad songs. She thought he would die locked in his room, but no, is that people have broken her heart too and liked.

So, in October 28, 2009 she played in public for the first time. It has not stopped singing their songs of love and hate since.

To date he has released 3 albums:

Their first album “El tiempo” (2011) are 12 songs with guitar and lonely, pure, plus a collaboration with a friend group Folk (Franco-Argentine) called POR H O POR V. She recorded in the basement of a friend and Gaston Castelli was the one who did everything to make this record there: recording, sound mixing, mastering, cover art, cutting, folding and gluing boxes. The drawing on the cover is an artist from Mendoza called Nini Malamud.

Then comes their second album “Los Peces” (2012), which are 12 most brave and different songs, with other sounds, furiously, sweetly. Carli Beguerie and Daniel Vinderman were in charge of production, and other musicians lent their talents, they are: Federico Zuin on bass, Federico Codorniú on violin, Mariano Busello on piano, Laureano Melchiori on bass, Ivan Rivas on cello and Daniel Vinderman in thousand instruments (shaker, tambourine, programming, electric guitars, classic, toy and acoustic). The art was made by Gaston Castelli a.k.a. Dotz.

“Hilario” (2014) was their third album taking a more risky course with the song and takes away. Between Experimental Folk and the more finest Pop, created a conceptual album of very good character and unusual. Sung in three languages and a special production opens with sweetness to all ears.


Information: Official site of Mariana Päraway