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  • Tecnocasio - (1998)
  • Bajo el suelo - (2002)
  • Guitarra preparada - (2005)
  • Ciencia ficción en Atalaya - (2007)
  • El once - (2012)




Members featured in the album

  • El once - (2012)


ZELMAR GARÍN - All instruments



Argentine multi-instrumentalist musician and producer born in 1976.

His music ranges from contemporary song and music composition to free improvisation. He currently plays in the Ácido canario group which is mentor. It comes only (singing or improvising) or different groups of improvisation or composition, collaborates with Ahi today come with Eduardo Herrera, the quartet Gustavo Nasuti, Gualicho Turbio, Los Peyotes and OVNI with Sergio Merce.

He made music for film and theater. He wrote the book ¨ Introduction to Buenos Aires murga ¨ percussion (Book + CD) declared of cultural interest. He participated in more than 30 albums as a musician, composer, collaborator or producer.

He has played with Keith Rowe, Toshimaru Nakamura, Lucio Capece, Sergio Merce, Gabriel Paiuk, Juan Carlos Caceres, Daniel Melingo, Hernán Vives, Gustavo Nasuti and Fernando Cabrera and others.

His first album was released in 1998 and "Tecnocasio" which addresses the concept of techno-electronic music with homemade instruments denominated.

Recorded in 1998, original cassette (reissued in March 2003). The disc contains themes of home products experimentation that makes Zelmar in 1998 with overdubs on a minicomponente aiwa + one casio keyboard also has songs played live alone or with some guests, prepared guitars, vinyl ready, the genesis of the question (LOW -FI).

In 2002 comes the second job and took the title of “Bajo el suelo”, with acoustic and experimental subjects felt sound. Marked and deep permeable murguera influence of black root. Guests Gustavo Nasuti, and Cristian Sergio Merce, Colonel Pali, Edu Herrera.

Her third solo album entitled “Guitarra preparada” and is a disk + Composition Improvisation. Electric guitar prepared with various objects and accessories, amplified with two teams. Recorded in Atalaya. No overdubs.

In 2007 their fourth album “Ciencia ficción en Atalaya” consisting New Song / Experimental editing. The whole album of songs is crossed by the green, under a desire to transmute the order. All songs on this album were composed, performed, arranged, recorded, mastered and produced by Zelmar Garin during the period March 2004 - June 2005, at his home in Atalaya, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Recorded on cassette and digital. His CD called “El once” was released in 2012 and contains a number of songs recorded under the magic and numerical order of daily living circumstances (21 + 12 + 1976: 11). Written and recorded in three weeks. Most of the songs were happening by overlapping thoughts almost daily and molded as a mandate without prior preconceptions. All instruments and production Zelmar Garín.


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