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  • The paradox  - (2011)
  • The day we came to realise - (2014)



Members featured in the album

  • The day we came to realise - (2014)


FERNANDO REFAY - Piano, keyboards, Kaossilator, IPad, vocals and chorus


Guest musicians:




DAVID MINIAN - Vocals and chorus

CHARLIE GIARDINA - Vocals and chorus

OSVALDO MELLACE - Vocals and chorus

CRAIG KERLEY - Vocals and chorus




Musician of classical training origin, began his piano studies with different tutors and then academically trained at the Conservatorio Nacional de Música "López Buchardo", where he developed a broad taste for a lot of musical genres and ended his academic career composing popular music (especially Jazz), despite already having written several works for piano and Classical style made ??a long series of concerts of Classical / Opera music with his cousin Omar Refay.

In addition to continue composing music was a founding member of SOS, a formation of Jazz-Rock that fused elements of many genres that naming would be to limit the spectrum of imagination of this talented pianist / keyboardist whose musical ambitions are more worthy of a musician Progressive Rock oscillating in a world of Jazz and Classical Music. Fernando Refay released his first solo album, called "The paradox," in 2011, this album features the collaboration of several guest musicians from the scene of Progressive Rock and other genres. Fernando was also a founding member of Silion zelf a Progressive / Symphonic Rock band, in which he used a large part of your compositions. After he joined forces with renowned guitarist and composer Rodrigo San Martin to form Vanished from earht band, grouping with which he recorded his debut album in 2012 to rave reviews from the environment.

"The day we came to Realise", his second solo album (July 2014) is, in his words, his most accomplished work to date. A concept album that tells the story of the survivors of the earth after a nuclear holocaust leaves irreparable consequences. This album has many guests from Argentina and the United States in their implementation.


Synopsis of the story:

At a future time, after nuclear war and natural disasters, survivors of mankind are forced to live in tunnels because the atmosphere has become unbearable. They must also fight a kind of monsters called "Wraiths", which originated as a result of human genetic engineering and other scientific experiments.

The story begins with a group of survivors struggling to reach the last city on earth: Balad. This is a relatively peaceful place and self catered. After passing through its doors, Alistair, one reflects on the past and how humanity came to this desperate situation.

Simon, the scientist, a strange character who support these men to find an effective weapon against the Wraith, and accompanying him on his trip to "Witches' ??Pond", the island where the solution is (a substance created by birds silver thereon). After obtaining this "antidote" Greg socialize with the daughter of the former king of Balad ("Flight over water") in a vain attempt to find love in the midst of chaos.

When they return they prepare for the final battle against the Wraiths




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