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NEW JUGGLER SOUND Discography "Baby Baby" / "I must go" (1968) single "Mil millas de amor" / "Sonrisa de cristal" (1968) single New juggler sound (1967/1968) Singles compilation and inedit recordings Members featured in the album New juggler sound (1967/1968) SAÚL CORNEJO - Guitar, piano and vocals DAVEY LEVENE - Guitar and chorus ERNESTO SAMAMÉ - Bass CARLOS SALOM - Organ MANUEL CORNEJO - Drums ALEX ABAD - Percussion In 1965 the idea of the band was born Saul Cornejo on guitar and vocals, Manuel Cornejo on drums and Eddy Zarautz on bass, then decided to look for a guitar player and found Alberto Miller and finally Alex Abad coupling on percussion under the initial name of Minstrels. Having started recording his new compositions and tests the group at the end of that year decided to change the name to The New Juggler Sound influenced by British style of those times being The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Zombies, The Searchers, The Animals, The Kinks and The Yardbirds his main influences and style that the band would experience sounds. By early 1966 the group began to frequent labels as Viceroy where their sound was not commercial producers of the time and it made the group feel an underground sound and unprofitable for the music industry songs. In mid- 1967, Rafael Hastings invite you to play in a prelude to an exhibition at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Lima where prior to his presentation, the Journal Last Time described them as "Hippies invade Lima" . In June 1968 they recorded "Baby Baby " / "I must go" , after 3 months at the request of the label recorded 45 rpm in Spanish with the songs "A Thousand Miles of Love" / "Smile Glass " , the first was a song that already had but in English. Later that year Alberto Miller left the band and was replaced by a friend of Eduardo Zarautz , guitarist Davey Levene who recorded the next singles. With Levene Fender Stratocaster guitar and the band begins to explore new sounds and influences as Levene had soul music and rhythm & bluesy group after it breaks with RCA Victor and goes with MAG .