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PAJARITO ZAGURI Discography Navidad espacial/Un diablito en el cielo (1969) Single Presidente del país/Hombre sin nombre (1971) Single El Pampero libertad/Copado y colocado (1973) Single Pájaro y La Murga del Rock and Roll (1975/76) El rey criollo del Rock and Roll (1984) En el 2000... (también) (1994) El mago de los vagos (2006) Sexogenario (2009) Members featured in the album Pájaro y La Murga del Rock and Roll (1975/76) May 1975 - Tracks 2, 3 y 6 PAJARITO ZAGURI - Vocals KUBERO DÍAZ - Guitar WILLY PEDEMONTE - Guitar GASTÓN CUBILLAS - Tenor sax TOPO D’ALOISIO - Bass GUILLERMO MIGOYA - Drums NORBERTO “PAPPO” NAPOLITANO - Piano and organ November 1976 - Tracks 1, 4, 5 y 7 PAJARITO ZAGURI - Vocals RUDY MARCOLONGO - Guitar EDUARDO VALLEJOS - Guitar DANIEL BEISERMAN - Bass A. A. VALMAN LAIVA - Drums Alberto Ramón García (better known as "Pajarito" Zaguri) and his old friend Moris formed Los Beatniks, a pioneer Argentine Rock group who recorded the first issue "Rebelde" (1966). A regular at mythical club La Cueva, Zaguri cut an extremely rare beat single as El 4to Pajarito - “Navidad espacial” b/w “Un diablito en el cielo”- with fellows Litto Nebbia, Oscar Moro (both from Los Gatos), Alejandro Medina (Manal) and Moris, among others. It was a flop. Soon afterwards he joined Beat group Los Naúfragos. Pajarito played on their first LP and wrote half of the songs (Vuelvo a Naufragar - CBS 8927). He left together with great guitarist Nacho Smilari to form La Barra de Chocolate, a very good group that released four singles and an excellent LP. “Alza la voz”, a minor hit, won at the Festival de Música Beat. La Barra de Chocolate split and Pajarito cut his first single as Pajarito Zaguri: “Presidente del país” b/w the more interesting “Hombre sin suerte”. Zaguri then joined another mate from La Cueva, Rocky Rodríguez, and formed La Cría Rockal, but soon left with drummer Carlos Calabró for Piel de Pueblo, a group that released a great album. In 1973 Pajarito produced the Rockal y la Cría LP (what was left of La Cría Rockal). He also played on one track. Again a solo act, Zaguri released a good single (the ballad ‘‘El pampero libertad’‘ b/w the rock ‘‘Copado y colocado’‘) with the help of Alejandro Medina and other members of La Pesada. In May 1975 he recorded some tracks with Kubero Díaz (ex-La Cofradía de la Flor Solar), Willy Pedemonte (ex-Piel de Pueblo and Grupo Sur) on guitars, Topo Dáloisio (ex-Diplodocum red and brown) on bass, Gastón Cubillas (ex-Grupo Sur) on sax and Guillermo Migoya on drums. Next to La Murga recorded “Pájaro y La Murga del Rock and Roll” their debut album in 1976, which involved Pappo. This disc had barely support of the record company, so it went unnoticed . He formed a new backing band , The Blues Band, composed by Leon Vanella (guitar), Nestor Vetere (bass), Gabriel Jolivet (guitar), Marcelo Pucci (drums) and Ciro Fogliatta (keyboards). Their second LP, “El rey criollo del rock and roll”, also went unnoticed. «Pajarito Zaguri is kind of legendary character who never succeeded , but never give up» ( O.Marzullo / P.Muñoz). In '94 he released “En el 2000... (también)”, «a disc of the future, in which I had the pleasure of calling all my friends that wanted to play » with the Conejo Jolivet on guitar. Already in 2009 presented “Sexogenario”, an album that recreates twelve classic songs of his career, in all its stages: with Los Jóvenes Viejos, La Pesada, Los Perros Alfa, Los Flotantes and , of course, with Los Beatniks. Pajarito died on April 22, 2013, following a cancer. Information: