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KERNUNNA Discography The seim anew (2013) Members featured in the album The seim anew (2013) BRUNO MAIA - Lead guitar, acoustic guitars, mandolin, bouzouki, banjo, flute, whistles, xylophone, Keyboards and vocals KHADHU CAPANEMA - Bass, sitar, esraj and vocals MARCO DINIZ - Guitars and vocals EDGARD BRITO - Keyboards ALEX NAVAR - Uilleann pipes and whistles DAIANNA MAZZA - Fiddle RODRIGO ABREU - Drums Guest musicians: RODRIGO BERNE - Guitar solo SANDRO NOGUEIRA - Guitar solo CLAYTON PROSPERI - Piano, harpschord and voices MICHEL LEME - Guitar solo RAPHAEL CASTRO - Keyboards The Kernunna band was born when multi-instrumentalist Bruno Maia (Tuatha de Danann / Braia) took a break in their activities with Tuatha de Danann group Danann, of which he is founder and vocalist, also playing the flute, guitar, mandolin and be the main composer. With some songs and ideas that would be used by his former group , the artist joined other musicians and friends forming Kernunna . Counting with 3 vocalists: Bruno Maia , Marco Diniz (Neverknow) and Khadhu (Cartoon) Kernunna breaks a new way to make music with works that establish a dialogue between Celtic Music , India, Progressive Rock and Heavy Metal . The seim anew ? , Go again ? The same, the new. "A new form of musical expression that is based on what was done before, but with the experience and content of the new and eternal creation. Bruno Maia is the evolution of a particular record that focuses on the creation of the group", he says. Folk Prog Metal is perhaps the closest you can guide the curious to the sound of Kernunna A part of the album, as its title, is inspired by the work of Irish writer James Joyce. Songs like "The seim anew", "The keys to . Given " and "Ricorso" refer to the work of Finnegans Wake. Has "Snark" is an allusion to Lewis Carroll (creator of Alice in wonderland ), while two of the pieces approves figures of Brazilian folklore : Curupira , institution for the defense of the forests and the animals "Curupira 's maze"and " the last of the seven ears", who is honored is the mining avenger, Sete Orelhas . The seim anew album was released on September 19 on the band's performance at Rock in Rio 2013. Information: