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PIG SOUL Discography Chorume da alma (2010) Members featured in the album Chorume da alma (2010) GUSTAVO BONI - Bass DANIEL BRITA - Guitar and trombone RAFAEL MONTORFANO “CHICÃO” - Piano and synth LUIS ANDRÉ “GIGANTE” - Drums Pig Soul is a Experimental Rock group from São Paulo - Brazil. The group was formed in 2009 by Daniel Brita (guitar and trombone), Rafael Montorfano (Synth and piano), Gustavo Boni (bass) and Luis André "Gigante" (drums), all brazilian musicians. The band members were influenced by Brazilian, Latin Music, Rock and 20th century's composers. The band's first album was released independently in 2010 and is called "Chorume da Alma", an instrumental "Rock In Opposition" piece. Information: