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  • El rey de las palabras - (2011)



Members featured in the album

  • El rey de las palabras - (2011)


GUSTAVO LORENZATTI - Double bass, composition and arrangements

DARÍO ISCARO - Electric guitar, effects and samples

FERNANDO CABALLERO - Drums and arrangements




Trio Desatanudos, is composed by: Fernando Caballero (drums), Dario Iscaro (guitar and compositions) and Gustavo Lorenzatti (bass and compositions). “El Rey de las palabras” was recorded and mastered in 2010, in the city of Córdoba and has own production.

If music is ancient art, what brands of space and time are in “El Rey de las palabras” Tango, Contemporary Jazz and electronic sounds is heard. Brazilian rhythms, Candombe, Progressive adrenaline, Rock "breaks bones" and Bolero. Occasional use of voice, Instrumental Music and Psychedelia as witch of the work.

Classical rhythms combined with Contemporary elements. Sounds Progressive rockers and overlap with South American airs. Warmth, nuances and strength are the characteristics of an album to listen when we turn off the computer, television and radio. Calls a unique moment to be heard.




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