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  • Road to self - (2008)



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  • Road to self - (2008)





ALEJANDRO MOORE - Drums and percussion





Soul apart comes to life in the fall of 2004, when the vocalist and keyboardist Guido Lisioli starts searching for new musical textures oriented to more climatic, introspective and experimental aspects, rather than what he had been working on in Firewood, his band by those times, related to power metal with some progressive airs.

His very first intention was to explode the acoustic facet; it is so that "Road To Self", "Moonson", "Last Minute Bells" and "Existential Fear" came to light. Beginning 2005, G. Lisioli decides to definitively leave Firewood to completely concentrate in his new project. At this moment, the composer resolves to add more elements from the musical genre he has loved since his childhood: metal, without leaving aside the darkness and experimentation of his initial intention. Therefore, songs like "The Always and Forever" and "Rose Of The Swamp" came to the scene. Still as a personal project, Guido begins to seek for musicians for this new adventure. The first one in joining was the keyboardist Daniel "Keky" Gonzalez, who Guido already knew from Firewood. Later, in the second semester of 2005, the need of a guitarist ended with the inclusion of Eduardo "Edu" Fonseca, mate of Guido in his musical studies and with whom he had shared interests in building a progressive metal project.

Observing the whole composed material, Guido notices a marked trend of fusing metal with melancholy climates and popular rhythms, influenced by his studies in popular music ("The Tree Steps Of Circle" or "Southwest Tango" are clear examples), which will end as the final stamp to the group genre.

This characteristic gets even more remarked when Guido meets the extraordinary multi-instrumentalist Rodrigo "Tucu" Goçalvez, who had came from Tierra del Fuego to continue his musical studies in the same institution than Guido and "Edu". Rodrigo quickly agrees to become a member, taking over the role of the bassist and other instruments according to the needs.

During the rehearsals in 2006 and thinking on future live presentations, the band starts searching for a drummer/percussionist. Although 2007 arrived with no news of a suitable person, Guido decides to start the recording of their first album. During the recording sessions, the band finally finds a drummer: Alejandro Moore, also mates with Guido in his studies. Soul appart finishes recording by the beginning of September, 2008, with plans for a series of live presentations including different cities around the country, and together with the edition of their original and sophisticated first album.

The Concept:

Soul apart is a band with no musical limitations. Having metal as the backbone, they combine different musical styles from everywhere in the world, with passages of introspective and melancholy ambiance.

The name 'Soul Apart' has two different interpretations: the way the author express himself in his lyrics, where he 'takes his soul out of his body' and speaks with absolute honesty; and the vision of an author, prisoner of a political and economical context, and his consequent depressive state of mind. Surely listeners will get identified with these concepts through personal experiences, distresses and feelings related to the frustration of living in an environment they hate.

It is so the author makes a trip deep in his soul to canalize his depressions and transform them into music.

He reflects his character of melancholy Bohemian: a traveller who crosses many lands and cultures, but whose vision persists.




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