Viajero Inmóvil - Difusión de grupos progresivos independientes

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  • Haciendo agua -  (2010)



Members featured in the album

  • Haciendo agua -  (2010)




DIEGO POJOMOVSKI - Bass and double bass

EZEQUIEL FINGER - Vibraphone and composition




Ezequiel Finger as a percussionist has worked in diverse musical experiences. From popular music, through free improvisation, to the most rigorous written music. He is a specialist in vibraphone, and as such has been several times soloist in the Experimental Center of the Colón Theater, Main Hall of the Colón Theater, Contemporary Music Cycle of the San Martín Theater, International Fall Festival of Paris (France), Manizales International Festival (Colombia) and Lima (Peru), CC Recoleta, Goethe Institute, and C.C. Rojas. He has performed among others, along with percussionist Robyn Shulkowsky (Germany), violist Garth Knox (Great Britain), Ensemble Pierrot Lunaire (Austria), and participated in various Jazz and experimental groups. As a composer, he studied at the Center for Advanced Studies in Contemporary Music (CEAMC). He has published a solo album called “Un bosque en marcha”, composed an award-winning micro-opera in Mexico and several instrumental, electro-acoustic and mixed works, besides having made music for video, theater and cinema. As a vibraphonist, he has released works by Marcelo Delgado, Carmelo Saitta, Jorge Sad, Pablo Cetta, Pablo Grinjot, Pablo Ortiz, Mario Lorenzo, Alejo Pérez Pouillieux, Gerardo Gandini, Julio Viera, Luis Naón, Jorge Horst, Martín Bauer, Santiago Santero, Antonio Zimmerman, Nicolás Varchausky, Mariano Galussio, Rubén Blasco, Marcelo Katz, Oscar Edelstein and first national auditions of works of Feldman, Takemitzu, Stockhausen, Maxwell Davis, Berio, Maderna, Cage, Schnittke, Kagel, Gorecki and Rihm, among others. As a Jazz vibraphone player  he created several groups and played with Daniel Miguez, Jorge Trebino, Quique Sinesi, Juan Cruz de Urquiza, Santiago Vázquez, Rodrigo Domínguez, Pablo Puntoriero, Mono Hurtado, Diego Pojomovski, Martin Pantyrer, Claudio Peña, Wenchy Lazo, Quique Berro Garcia, Néstor Crespo, Martín Bruhn, Alejandro Oliva, Mario Gusso, and Marcelo Katz, among others. As a stage musician he made music films for Diego Fried and Fabián Forte, and a video-art by León Ferrari. In theater he worked with Miguel Guerberoff, Cristina Banegas, Emilio García-whebbi, Guillermo Angeleli, Fernando Llosa, Mariana Paz, among others. He participated in musical orchestras such as “Hairspray” and  “Phantom of the Opera”, among others. He is a private teacher of piano, vibraphone, percussion, drums, audio, harmony and composition. All these topics, as well as clinics of various formats, have also given them in institutions both undergraduate and postgraduate, as well as initiation; As for example in the CEAMC, Walter Mallosetti School, City College, EMBA, National Conservatory, C.C.R.Rojas, among others.




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