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  • Proyecto Quasar - EP - (2007)
  • Proyecto Quasar - (2008)
  • Prosopagnosia - (2011)
  • Donde los pájaros temen Sessions - en vivo - (2014)
  • Donde los pájaros sienten temor - Pt. 1 - Paranoia - (2016)
  • Donde los pájaros sienten temor - Pt. 2 - Conspiranoia - (2017)



Members featured in the album

  • Proyecto Quasar -  (2008)


EMANUEL LOYOLA - Vocals and guitar

TOMÁS VELÁZQUEZ - Electric piano



MIGUEL ATENCIO - Percussion and chorus

IGNACIO PONZONE - Kaoss Pad and sequencer


Integrantes en el álbum

  • Donde los pájaros sienten temor - Pt. 2 - Conspiranoia - (2017)


EMANUEL LOYOLA - Vocals and guitar

IGNACIO PONZONE - Kayboards, sequencer and Kaoss pad




Guest musicians:




JOSÉ CARLOS AUZA - Vocals and arrangements

JUAN GODFRID - Arrangements




Since its debut on the stage of Buenos Aires at the beginning of 2004, Proyecto Quasar went a long way showing its art through different points of Argentina. Emanuel Loyola (guitar and vocals) and Tomás Velázquez (electric piano) were the first to take the step to start the project, then joined Mariano Paola (drummer) and Lucas Fantini (bass), thus achieving the initial formation of the band .

With influences from bands like The Mars Volta, Radiohead, Muse, Pez, King Crimson and Astor Piazzola, among others, as a starting point and with a year and a half of rehearsals and to work a handful of songs, just and necessary to perform a live presentation. The first date of the band appears, in La Panadería, on December 3, 2006, in the neighborhood of Morón (where there is currently his room).

Already in this first concert, an individual performs that would end up being the band's 2nd vocals and percussion, Miguel Atencio, who appeared as an unknown only to perform a couple of songs.

Playing songs like Eschizophrenia, Karmas and Bs As Histeria, which would be part of the first Ep recorded by the band in 2007. These, would complete the band's first full length album, released completely independently in March 2008. In the middle of the recording, they cross the road with a friend, Ignacio Ponzone, who falls into the room with synthesizers, Kaoss Pads and noises that finish closing the circle at that moment, completing the formation.

Since the release of the first album, Quasar began to make presentations live more frequently, and touring different points of the capital and the great Buenos Aires.

At the end of 2008, the band performs the last date of the year with the presentation of the complete album in Ramos Mejía. This would be the last date of Tomás Velázquez in Proyecto Quasar.

2009 was quite hard for the band, despite making their first show in the city of Rosario, later this year and early 2010, another original member would leave the band, Mariano Paola.

Immediately it is replaced by an old friend of Emanuel, Matías Zacarías, closing thus the present formation of Project Quasar.

With 2 months of rehearsals the band would already feel comfortable to perform concerts and not stop there until today.

In October, on October 16 and 17, exactly what would be "Prosopagnosia", the band's second album.

Quasar Project continues to tour different places of Bs As, sharing shows with bands like Defórmica, Smoke of Cairo, Escupen Serpientes and others ... the band is gaining a reputation in the west, thus achieving, to create an identity and own mystique.

They define themselves as "ignorant trying to make music", although in this way, they manage to create an emotional fusion, interpreting it with just and necessary technical knowledge, without having doctorates or magisteriums in nothing but their ear.

They make songs, simply. A mix of electronic sounds, strident guitars, a demoniac bass, plus a drums with complex cuts, that mix between melodies, choruses, percussion, psychedelia and above all Rock, worthy of being heard ..

Beginning in 2014, they begin to compose the songs that will form the play “Donde los pájaros sienten temor”,  which was released in 2 discs: their first part called "- Pt.1 - Paranoia" that came out in 2016 and their sequel "- Pt.2 - Conspiranoia "which is part of the catalog of Chancho Discos.




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