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  • Quiero irme / Nena mia - (1966) Simple
  • Let me tray again - (1966) Simple
  • Los Mockers - (1966)
  • Captain grey  / Confusion - (1967) Simple
  • Do it again! - (2012)



Members featured in the album

  • Los Mockers - (1966)


POLO PEREIRA - Guitar and vocals

JORGE FERNÁNDEZ - Guitar and vocals





Members featured in the album

  • Do it again! - (2012)


POLO PEREIRA - Guitar and vocals

JORGE FERNÁNDEZ - Guitar and chorus




Guest musician





If Los Shakers, justifiably, have been pointed out as ''The Beatles of the South American rock'', the same approach should be used to say that Los Mockers were ''The Rolling Stones'' of that time and place.

Formed in 1964,like Los Encadenados, they emigrated to Buenos Aires the following year and got a recording contract for Odeón, the local subsidiary of EMI. Their first single, ''I wanna go'' b/w ''My baby'', remains the best rhythm & blues record recorded at that time, with a lot of fuzz and a la Jagger harmonica. However, the audience seemed not to be prepared for this new sound and thumbed-down their first LP (which did not include the single). Thus, the band went into a kind of limbo for two years during which they tried to survive with sporadic performances.

By the time of the second album, the winds had changed and the LP shipwrecked in a forced psychedelia blended with trifling bubble gum. After this big failure they spent the last months of existence recording singles for small labels with covers of Neil Diamond, Grassroots, or whatever was enjoying hit status.

It took years until the meagre memory left by such an erratic career allowed to see a true jewel as that very first record was. Totally sung in English, it gathers the qualities of the first three Rolling Stones records, with a touch of The Animals.

With the 60s revival during the 80s, the record became a collectors must. Though the original is extremely hard to get, it was reissued in Spain (Los Encadenados) and currently available on CD. (The CD includes the EMI LP, the first single, demos and the audio of TV performances).

When the band broke up, Polo Pereira joined Los Walkers (another wrongly forgotten Argentinean band) and Esteban Hirschfield (after leaving Los Delfines) moved to Spain, pursuing a long and successful career.

In 1986, reissued for the first time in Spain the original LP of The Mockers. Followers more reissues of the same in Sweden (1987), Uruguay and USA (1994), this CD also.

In 2001 the Uruguayan film "25 Watts", which is highly acclaimed, including several songs soundtrack debuts Los Mockers.

In 2002 reissue all the original recordings of The Mockers, in Spain. This reissue Uruguay receives a Graffiti Award.

In 2006 Los Mockers gather in Spain to celebrate the 40th anniversary of his first album and recorded several new songs .

In 2008 another meeting of The Mockers, this time to play in Sala Zitarrosa, Montevideo. The labels Perro Andaluz in Uruguay and La vida lenta (Argentina) reissued his recordings of the '60s.

In 2012 a new album of Los Mockers, "DO IT AGAIN" is published, containing recordings of 2006 and a series of cover songs played by different bands of Uruguay, Argentina, Spain and USA. The album comes with different labels in Uruguay, Argentina and Spain, on CD and vinyl.

In 2012 another meeting of The Mockers to act for the first time in Spain, in the Purple Weekend festival. This show was filmed several videos.




* Los Mockers Official Site