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  •  Antihéroe - (1997)
  • Entretejido cósmico - (2007)
  • Reset - (2016)



Members featured in the album

  • Antihéroe - (1997)


DARÍO ÍSCARO - Electric & acoustica guitar, synth guitar, percussion, vocals and effect sounds

JOSÉ FRANCO - Drums, vibrephon, midi percussion, accesories, piano arp and effect sounds

DARÍO ALBANO - Soprano & tenor sax, clarinet, low clarinet, fagot and flute

PEDRO GUIRAUDO - Electric bass and double bass


Members featured in the album

  • Entretejido cósmico - (2007)



DARÍO ÍSCARO - Electric guitar and compositions


JOSÉ FRANCO - Drums, electric percussion and bandoneón


Integrantes en el álbum

  • Reset - (2016)


DARÍO ÍSCARO - Electric guitar and compositions






Antihéroe is one of many brainchildren of the prolific guitarist-composer Darío Íscaro (from Córdoba, Argentina). His main interest is jazz music in its avant-garde and fusion incarnations, but even then he is quite friendly with eclectic approaches when it comes to making and recording music. An instrumental quartet, Antihéroe works as the vehicle for his Progressive-oriented conceptions since 1995.

The band's functioning has been on-and-off depending on the state of affairs of the other projects and collaborations that Íscaro has been involved in throughout the years, but the two albums released by Antihéroe - "Antihéroe" (1997) and "Entretejido Cósmico" (2008) - are excellent gems of Jazz-Prog made in Argentina. Both feature influences from King Crimson, Zappa, old-school Jazz-Fusion, as well as the peculiar colors of South American Folk flavors. This ensemble is very concerned about exploiting the sounds of wind instruments within its global sound: besides the rhythm duo and Íscaro himself, a sax/clarinet/flute player completed the line-up for the first album, while a trumpeter was the fourth element in the second one. Actually, "Entretejido Cósmico" bears a slightly rougher sonic approach due to the fact that the tracklist is based on live performances enhanced and/or refurbished with a little amount of overdubs.

Antihéroe in its almost 17 years of existence has been presented in various theaters and concert halls among which stand out, Teatro Real (Córdoba), Teatro Municipal de Valparaíso durante el Festín Jazz 2006 (Festival Internacional de jazz de la ciudad de Valparaíso, Chile), Auditorio del Instituto Goethe in the city of Cordoba, Teatro Griego y Sala de las Américas de la Universidad Nacional of Cordoba, opening the Festival de Teatro el Mercosur 2005 in the Auditorium of Ciudad de las Artes, Cordoba, etc.

Currently Antihéroe, in its porteña stage is composed of Augusto Urbini on drums and arrangements, Marcelo Da Costa on electric bass and arrangements and Dario Iscaro on guitar and compositions. In early 2016 a new album was published titled: "Reset" was recorded in Studio Foot.




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