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NITO MESTRE Discography Nito Mestre y los Desconocidos de Siempre (1977) Nito Mestre y los Desconocidos de Siempre II (1978) Saltaba sobre las nubes (1979) 20/10 (1981) En vivo (1982) Escondo mis ojos al sol (1983) Nito (1986) Tocando el cielo (1991) Canta a Sui Generis (1993) Colores puros (1999) Members featured in the album Nito Mestre y los Desconocidos de Siempre (1977) NITO MESTRE - Acoustic guitar, flute, synthesizer and vocals ALFREDO TOTH - Guitars, bass and vocals OSVALDO CALÓ - Electric and acoustic piano and synthesizer RODOLFO GOROSITO - Electric guitar, slide and vocals MARÍA ROSA YORIO - Vocals FRANCISCO PRATI - Drums Members featured in the album 20/10 (1981) NITO MESTRE - Acoustic guitar, flute and vocals Guest Musicians: JUAN CARLOS "MONO" FONTANA - Electric and acoustic piano CHARLY GARCÍA - Electric and acoustic piano and acoustic guitar ROBERTO GESAGHI - Electric guitar DAVID LEBON - Electric guitar ALFREDO TOTH - Electric guitar CARLOS TRIBUZY - Bass PEDRO AZNAR - Bass and moog RUBÉN RADA - Percussion CLAUDIO MARTINEZ - Drums It all started in the secondary school when he formed his first group: LA INDIGNACION DEL SIGLO. At that moment, Charly García was the leader of his own band, called To Walk Spanish. Both students of Colegio Dalmaso Centeno they started a deep friendship and decided to join both groups. They became the most important duet of the Argentine music. |Sui Generis| marked a before and after in the Argentine music, with the style of the songs they created and played |Sui Generis| throughout its life sold more than 600.000 discos, figure that marked its importance as a duet, since it increased the quantity of listeners within the rock spectrum. The phenomenon |Sui Generis| recorded the following albums: Vida, Confesiones de Invierno and Pequeñas Anécdotas Sobre las Instituciones. The break-up of the mythical duet, turned the Luna Park into a big party, in September 1.975, where there were more than 30.000 people in their 2 concerts, which was a record in those years, together with the live recording of Adiós Sui Generis I, Adiós Sui Generis II y Adios Sui Generis III and the shooting of a movie of the same name. It was quiet a revolution in those years. Three months later, driven by their desire to do something together, NITO MESTRE, Charly García, León Gieco, |Raúl Porchetto| and María Rosa Yorio, decided to récord a LP, called |Porsuigieco|, and they toured throughout Argentina. In 1.976, NITO decided to form his own band: NITO MESTRE Y LOS DESCONOCIDOS DE SIEMPRE, with which he worked many years, until 1.980 and they were proud to be considered the best folk band. With that line-up he reorded three albums: Nito Mestre y Los Desconocidos de Siempre I, Nito Mestre y Los Desconocidos de Siempre II and Saltaba Sobre las Nubes. In 1.981, NITO reappeared again with a new band and record: 20/10, which was presented in July in Ferro Carril Oeste Stadium with sold-out shows. From that moment, they went on a big tour making 52 performances all over the country, including one in Montevideo (Uruguay), together with |Seru Giran|. In 1.989, he played in Chile together with local bands locales: |Los Jaivas|, Congreso and Eduardo Gatti, recording with the latter a record called Entrada de Locos. After recording his third solo record Escondo mis Ojos al Sol and other national and international shows, in 1.984 he joined Juan Carlos Baglietto, Celeste Carballo and Oveja Negra to explain Why We Sing, inspired on a poem by Mario Benedetti. That show meant an important musical event for our Rock: We sang for the love, the freedom and the Life. For many months they toured the interior of the country, they played in Chile and in November, they recorded a double live album at the Teatro Coliseo. In October de 1.986, his fourth solo album called Nito came out, where some important guests participated Mercedes Sosa, Charly García, Andrés Calamaro, Fito Páez and Celeste Carballo. Released in México, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Bolivia and Uruguay. Until 1988, he performed all over the country as well as in neighboring countries such as Uruguay, Peru and Chile among others. In 1990 when they came back to Argentina, they started recording Tocando el Cielo, with their own production, which marked their relationship again with the Argentine and Latin American public. Later, in 1993 they recorded Rasguña las Piedras together with |David Lebon|, with complete different versions (techno and dance). In 1.994 he recorded Nito Mestre Canta Sui Generis, in Miami and Los Angeles, together with musicians like Julián Navarro, John Robinson, Larry Coryel, Abraham Laboriel, Alex Acuña, Tom Scott, Los Angeles String Ensamble and other big figures of the international Rock. With that record NITO had the pleasure of recording the old songs of SuiI, but with a more modern sound for that timeless music.. Due to that last record, he had the pleasure of presenting it in many countries of America and he enjoyed coming back in many opportunities, with a complete success, countries like: Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru and Colombia. In the last years he had the happiness and joy of playing as Opening Group of great international idols like Paul Simon (.991). Elton John (1.992) and Paul Mc Cartney (1.994), As NITO would say "... the dream of the boy... Nowadays, he is recording his new album for the year 2.000: |Sui Generis|’s come back After 25 years, Nito and Charly, decided to give this gift to their public who always waited for their come back. The people from their time and those who listened to their records, because when this duet palyed, they were already "in Paris". The name for the album will be: "Sinfonía para adolescentes". It will be great without any doubt... Information: