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  • “Yellow submarine”/”Norwegian Word” - (1967)  single 7”
  • “Carta al amigo perdido”/”Algas y veneno” - (1969)  single 7”
  • “Abuelo Klein”/”Tengo miedo de estar enamorado” - (1969)  single 7”
  • “Si, quiero vivir”/”Te extrañaré” - (1969)  single 7”
  • “Escuchen payasos yo amo”/”Me siento mal y deprimido” - (1970)  single 7”
  • “Niña azul”/”René” - (1971)  single 7” like MNV
  • Anthology - (1967/1971)
  • Last stand - (2013)



Members featured in the album

  • Anthology - (1967/1971)


OSCAR R. PAZ - Drums, guitars and vocals

CARLOS A. CASTELLANI - Guitars and vocals

ARMANDO ASCHENAZI - Guitars and vocals


EDUARDO F. MIKITOW - Bass and chorus


Guest musicians:

ALEJANDRO MEDINA - Bass on Carnivals 1967 at Argentinos Juniors.

FERNANDO FERREYRA - Bass on “Yellow submarine”/”Norwegian Word”

VICENTE ITURRIA - Guitars and chorus (1968/1969)

CARLOS BOLO - Bass on Southern tour (1970)

HORACIO CORRAL - Bass (1967)

PEDRO MERCADO - Guitars on “Can’t buy me love” and “No podré soportar mucho más tiempo acá”

JUAN JOSÉ GIMELLO - Vocals (1971)

MIGUEL ANGEL TORRECILLAS - Bass and vocals (1971)


Members featured in the album

  • Last stand - (2013)


OSCAR R. PAZ - Drums

CARLOS A. CASTELLANI - Guitars and vocals

ARMANDO ASCHENAZI - Guitars and vocals






Year 1963. The world had already succumbed to the explosion of rock and roll by Elvis, Chuck Berry and Jerry Lee Lewis among others, but took a new direction with the appearance of the Beatles. Argentina was not an exception and within the many Beat bands that formed and broke into the national movement are Los Knacks.

The birth of the Knacks dates from the friendship that was formed between its founding members: Oscar Paz (Robbie) and Carlos Castellani (Charly) who met in March of the 63 in the national school Juan Martin de Pueyrredon. His love for Beatle music led them to form their own musical group, incorporating Fernando Ferreyra Avan and they were baptized The Snakes. A few months later they met Armando Aschenazi in a music house trying out musical instruments and decided to invite him to join the band. With this first formation played for 3 years in many clubs and festivals winning even the contest of musical scale as best band. In the year 1967 they are discovered by Gustavo Lipekester, producer of Phillips while recording their first demo in the studies of the same producer. They are chosen to record the Beatles' new single before it was known in Argentina. It is in that way that in that same year, and renamed under the name of The Knacks, the first single of the band containing Yellow Submarine in the face is published and Wood Norway in the face B. Before the success in sales that has this simple, Phillips tries to compel the band to record two other songs of the Beatles when the agreement determined that the band could choose one of the two subjects to be recorded. Robbie decides to leave and then the company decides to rescind the contract. At that moment leaves the band Fernando, and they incorporate Eduardo Mikitow (Mossy) and Vicente Bulotta (Chito). Later that same year they get their first official representation in Pop News and begin to make presentations in television and in the stadiums of Estudiantes La Plata, Gimnasia La Plata, Argentinos Juniors, Atlanta, Platense and Ferro. In the early days of January 1969 Pop news sent the to play in Mar del Plata for 40 days and travel for the first time with a press agent (Yolanda Galarza) and a representative (German Klein). An ingenious press move manages to generate so much expectation by the band that they are received like stars and they become a sensation. All newspapers and magazines begin to talk about Knacks. When they return to Buenos Aires they are expected by Emi with a new record deal. At that moment Armando leaves the band. Before finding a replacement the band recorded their first single in Ion Studios for Emi to distribute to Lost Friend / Algae and Poison. The band keeps growing and gets very good sales for its single. Then Vicente Iturria is incorporated and during 1969 they record 3 more singles. "Grandpa Klein / I'm afraid of being in love", "If I want to live / I'll miss you" and Listen to clowns I love / I feel bad and depressed. "In 1970 due to the success in sales obtained by the singles so far published, the band was recorded in Emi's studio in a single session, and eight new tracks were recorded and some of the singles were added to the final edition. Because the military government issued a ban on the distribution of English-language music during the same year, which made it impossible for the company to release the record for sale, which would last long enough to see the band dissolve before A month after the ban began, Emi forces the band to contract a new single. In the face of the band's dissatisfaction with singing in Spanish, they only agree to record under the pseudonym NM V, and so is edited "Blue girl / Rene". By that time Mozzi and Vicente were not in the group and had been replaced by Miguel Torrecillas and Juan José Gimello. The single has good acceptance and even their music is based on 2 television jingles. In spite of that, Robbie does not want to continue recording in Castilian and added to some internal conflicts derive in the dissolution of the band. Charly and Chito decide to reconquer Armando and form Casablanca. This training recorded some singles for Emi and a few years later was dissolved. At 35 years of its last official edition, the Knacks put together an anthology that contains all the material accumulated in their careers, including material never edited. To know how to get the new disc, or to know more details of the same see discography. In December 2010, Oscar and Charly are invited to play some songs by the band Electrisixties. The rest of the band witnessed the show. Then the 5 Knacks decide to get together and return to rehearsals. June 26, 2011 The Knacks return to the stage. The return show is held at the Centro Cultural Recoleta.




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