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BENCHIMOL, SÉRGIO Discography A drop in the ocean, an ocean in a drop (2004) Ciclos imaginários (2007) Members featured in the album A drop in the ocean, an ocean in a drop (2004) BENCHIMOL, SÉRGIO - Piano, classic & electric guitar, acoustic & electric bass, mandolin, mellotron, moog, tubular bells, sitar, violin effects and vocals. Guest musicians: DAVID GANC - Flutes and tenor, high and soprano sax RAFAEL BARATA - Drums and percussion LUCIANO VAZ - Cello CARLOS PRAZERES - Oboe EDU SZJAINBRUM - Percussion SHALOM GAMAL - Shofar TOCA DE LAMARE - Piano MICHEL BENCHIMOL - Vocals MARCOS NOGUERIRA - Piano ANDRÉ SANTOS - Violin ENRIQUE LUDGERO - Percusions TONINHO MOTA - Guitar solo (track 2) ARTUR ANDRÉS (Uakti) - Flutes MARCOS ASSUMPÇÃO - Vocals CLÉBER SOARES - Trumpets EDUARDO GUIMARÃES - Bass trombone EINAR - Tenor sax LILIANE FARIAS - Xilophon ROMULO MATTOS - Guitar SÉRGIO - Tenor trombone ENRIQUE COSTA LIMA - Guitar PENÉLOPE - Vocals DANIEL ANDRADE - Violin GRABRIELA SEPÚLVEDA - Cello LÉO FUKS - Oboe Members featured in the album Ciclos imaginários (2007) BENCHIMOL, SÉRGIO - Classic guitar and vocals. Guest musicians: DAVID GANC - Flutes and tenor, high and soprano sax JESSE SADOC - Trumpets RICARDO AMADO - Violin ROGÉRIO ROSA - Violin JAIRO DINIZ - Viola RICARDO SANTORO - Cello DENNER CAMPOLINA - Acoustic bass RAFAEL BARATA - Drums and percussion EDU SZJAINBRUM - Percussion CARLOS PRAZERES - Oboe LUI COIMBRA - Cello NICOLAS KRASSIK - Violin EDUARDO MORELENBAUM - Clarinet and claron NELSON OLIVEIRA - Trumpet VITTOR SANTOS - Trombone Multi-instrumentalist Sérgio BENCHIMOL is quite well-known on the Brazilian prog scene. He played with symphonic prog band SEMENTE in the early 70s and with mellow jazz band TRUE ILLUSION among others. On their first album, he handles piano, viola, guitar, bass, Mellotron, Moog, sitar, tubular bells and vocals. He is deftly surrounded by flautist David Ganc whose instrument dominates many of the album's tracks; Ganc also plays alto, sporano and tenor saxes. Finally, cellist Luciano Vaz and oboe player Carlos Prazeres complete the line-up. The 2004 album "A Drop in the Ocean, an Ocean in a Drop" is a delightful collection of 19 melodic and mostly instrumental music; it's a mixture of prog rock, folk, world and jazz fusion. The first half of the album has a more refined, relaxed atmosphere, almost a chamber orchestra feel whereas the second is rockier and jazzier. This is upbeat, breezy material, not anywhere near bombastic or intense, and where the ever-present melodious flute of David Ganc takes center stage. The moods are many and varied, the compositions relatively simple, featuring ethnic influenced melodies over repeated progressions of two or three chords and a couple of solos or melodic breaks. Vocals are rather sparse and non-intrusive, sort of mixed in with the sound. Fans of CAMEL, FOCUS, GOTIC, JADE WARRIOR, those who like SOLARIS's side project "Musical Witchcraft", in fact anyone who appreciates melodic flute should definitely lend BENCHIMOL an ear or two.