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  • Amaneciendo en la cruz del sur -  (1978)
  • Solo por fe -  (2004)
  • Malos entendidos -  (2013)



Members featured in the album

  • Amaneciendo en la cruz del sur -  (1978)


JULIO PRESAS - Guitars, bass, percussion and vocals

CARLOS CUTAIA - Keyboards and synths

CARLOS RIGANTI - Drums and percussion




Members featured in the album

  • Malos entendidos -  (2013)


JULIO PRESAS - Guitars, harmonica and vocals






Julio Presas, a musician (guitarist), author and composer, began his profesional career in 1968. Being in sound technician and arranger, did not take long to become artistic producer. He recorded for HARVEST EMI with a whole “Materia Gris” album " Oh, Perra vida de Beto"; first Rock Opera composed nationwide.

Throughout his career Presas recorded in many studies, including for the years 74 began in “Edipo”,  there might work with Charly García, León Gieco, L.A. Spinetta, David Lebon, Carlos Cutaia, Alejandro Lerner, Patricia Sosa, Sandro, among others.

Simultaneously recorded in the Studies “Panda”, “del Cielito”, “El Pie”, “ION”,  “Phonales”, and then the "Circo Beat" to different artists like Gustavo Cerati, Miguel Botafogo, Pappo, Javier Martínez, Daniel Melero, La Torre, Black Amaya with Robertones.

In 1977, he recorded music documentary for the newspaper "La Capital de Rosario" whose main purpose was to have similarity with the music composed by Georgio Moroder for the movie "Midnight Express," which was known to the public at the end 1978. Presas which start legal action against this author.

Seven years later, he released on CBS Company, an LP with his group “La Ley”. 

Throughout his career, Presas was artistic producer of the CD “Tierra Bendita”, “Ni por todo el oro del Mundo” with Los Rancheros; a work for Sony Music.

In 1990, he traveled to the United States to carry out production with David Lebon, entitled “Nuevas Mañanas”, in which participated Pedro Aznar.

He also made live recordings of “Memphis La Blusera”, “Los Perros”, “Color Humano”, “Javier Martínez”...

He also composed curtains TV, one of which was the automotive program corresponding to “Coche a la Vista”, which stood for 10 years on the air.

In 1995, together with Rino Rafanelli formed a group called “El Albergue Warnes” often made their presentations at the Roxy.

Later, with Antonio García López and Beto Topini, Presas formed a trio called "Ferrockina" who participated in the Festival of the 30th anniversary of Argentine National Rock.

Currently, Julio Presas makes the production of his latest material entitled  “Solo por fe”. Edit your project is shortly.




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