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  • El Llanto Secreto De La Luna - (2002)
  • Viento De Toda La Vida - (2003/06)



Members featured in the album

  • El Llanto Secreto De La Luna - (2002)


MARIO MÁTAR - Electric & midi guitars and sintetizador

ERNESTO (Erni) VIDAL - 4 & 6 strings basscuerdas, stickbass and Mellotron

EDUARDO (Tuti) VEGA - Electric drums and percussion




Guest musicians:

RICARDO MARINO - Vocals and  Roland XP synthesizer


EDGARDO (Negro) GUERRA - Cello


Members featured in the album

  • Viento De Toda La Vida - (2003/06)


MARIO MÁTAR - Ibañez electric guitar, Yamaha MIDI and Roland processor

ERNESTO (Erni) VIDAL - Rickenbacker bass, 5 strings Yamaha bass & 6 strings JL bass  and E-Bow

EDUARDO (Tuti) VEGA - Yamaha electric drums & acoustic Gretsch drums and Roland Octapad

GABRIEL CORREA - Electric piano, Korg & Yamaha keyboards - (2002-2004)

LEO COSTA - Korg & Yamaha keyboards - (2005-2006)

ANDRÉS MARINO - Korg keyboards - (2005-2006)




The name is inspired to add the root 'project' -more interposed K, to ProjeKct typically denoting crimsonian - by project, experiment, to localism, the Zonda wind, typical of the western part of Cuyo, Mendoza and San Juan, against the mountain range; it is also a somewhat enigmatic wind, dense, and hot.

The Zonda Projeckt "officially" formed in Mza. the September 29, 2000, from an old desire of the undersigned staff, Ernesto (Erni) and Eduardo Vidal (Tuti) Vega, for putting together a band to make classical music with Progressive Music structure of the '70s, it was the school with which we grew up musically. The main influences come from the side of YES (Tuti Vega) and, most importantly, KING CRIMSON and SOFT MACHINE (Erni Vidal). The first original guitarist was at that time ZP Sebastian Rivas, who had already recorded two albums with the formation Morci Requena (resident Mza. For several years, like David Lebon) armed of La Cofradía de la Flor Solar on Mendoza. With this "menduca" incarnation, La Cofradía.. edited “El Bar de los ciegos” in 1998. Then in 1999, another original member, Kubero Diaz living in Mendoza for almost a year, La Cofradía.. recorded “Cofrádika”, and edited with SebastiánRivas and Kubero Díaz as guitarists.

By stylistic differences, in January 2001 and in March S.Rivas out the same year he joined Mario Mátar (stunning local guitarist -an icon of Rock of their province- and undoubtedly one of the best in the country, has shared the stage here in Mendoza with Luis Salinas, eg., who incidentally has to remarkable similarities in style and technique, playing, etc.), current guitarist of ZP. With his mature style (fan CAMEL, GENESIS, SPINETTA plus BEATLES) and even we got a jazzy approach to winks (loves the vein Pat Metheny, Miles Davis, Joni Mitchell and Bill Evans, eg.). Before retiring, Rivas left recorded takes a couple of issues that were finally published in the debut album of the trio (balance(“El Equilibrio”, “Cuando el ángel sonrió”, one of the parts of the suite's “Los tres pelos del Diablo”, and the Prog Blues recorded in one shot on a night that became a bonus track, “Triste azul nocturno”). All other items and have the participation of Mátar. So until then (the CD release) always understood that the ZP was a trio, not quartet with two guitars but in the booklet contained the two guitarists and even shared tracks (to be overdubbed to actually Mátar later) in some stretch of the album ("Los tres pelos...").

So the "final" ZP formation at the exit of the album is as follows:

Mario Mátar - guitars (Ibañez and Epiphone), samplers (W30 Roland, Korg and Proteus modules, etc.), loops

Erni Vidal - Low (stereo Rickenbacker, Yamaha 5 string luthier and 6) Stick 8-string bass and keyboards (Mellotron and Roland XP)

Tuti Vega - electric drums (Yamaha DTX / 2) and electric percussion (Roland Octapad).

Today (Nov. 2002), the ZP has become a quartet with the addition of keyboardist Gabriel (Gabo) Correa (another amazing musician, has played in the Piero band in Bs. As., Also Baglietto, . among other things, and here in Mendoza he made all arrangements for the Symphony Orchestra in concert of David Lebón with the Philharmonic last year, is currently professor of the chair of Music Production at the National University of San Luis). With this training we hope to begin recording what will be the 2nd disk of ZP in these coming summer holidays.

"El Llanto Secreto De La Luna" (2002) is a completely separate issue, Mendoza 100%; CD only became replicated in Buenos Aires. (Recortec). The recording, mixing and mastering is itself in La Vizcachera - Mendoza.; art and design and all the graphic booklet was Mónica Manciana (Mendoza designer) and the cover art is an original painting by a renowned artist from Mendoza (plus amateur musician and friend of the band), Carlos Sisinni. Printing all the graphics and movies for the stamper sent to Buenos Aires. It was offset in Mendoza home, ZETA Editors. The preface of the booklet was written by Luis Abrego, a well known writer and journalist Mendoza.

It was recorded in digital format (DDD is a disk) in 16 channels and was mastered at Sony DAT and MiniDisc machines. Finally the Master CD was made on a specific machine Marantz 630 by optical fiber. No computers in the whole process of recording, mixing and / or mastering of the CD.

Anyway we understand that all this abundant info cited above in the booklet of the disc.




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