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  • 30 minutos de vida - (1970)
  • Ciudad de guitarras callejeras - (1973)
  • Fiebre de vivir - (1979)
  • Las obras de Moris - (1981)
  • Dónde están las canciones - (1982)
  • Sr Rock, presente - (1985)
  • Sur y después - (1995)
  • Cintas secretas - (2005)
  • Ayer, hoy y siempre - (2016)



Members featured in the album

  • 30 minutos de vida - (1970)


MAURICIO "MORIS" BIRABENT - Guitar and vocals




Mauricio "Moris" Birabent (19/11/42) founded Los Beatniks, the band that recorded the first simple of the Argentine Rock: "Rebelde". Between 1967 and 1970 recorded several songs, which would be published in the LP "Treinta minutos de vida" (1970), among which stand out "El Oso" and "De nada sirve". If it already had a certain prestige for the creation of the song "Ayer nomás" (the theme that popularized Los Gatos and whose original version was also included in this album), it is with this record that is finished imposing as a great vernacular music.

The second LP ("Ciudad de guitarras callejeras", 1973) has a more tango style and remembers the themes "El mendigo de Dock Sud" and "Mi querido amigo Pipo", dedicated to Lernoud. In it participated Litto Nebia and Ciro Fogliatta.

In 1975 he emigrated to Spain, where he taught them - as recognized by themselves - that Rock could be sung in Spanish. There he was popularized for his version of "Zapatos de gamuza azul", the hit of Carl Perkins ("Blue Suede Shoes"). His next success was "Fiebre de vivir" (1978), which he edited in Argentina the following year. In a stage of revivals of the ArgenitneRock, presented this material in Obras, the 15 of April of 1980. From there in more, it returned to our country to present each one of its discs, with a power of call in descent.

Since 1989 his band was composed by his son Antonio Birabent and Marcelo Ferraro (guitars), Ricardo Martínez (drums), Alejandro Schansenbach (bass) and Juan Raffo (keyboards).

 "Sur y después" (1995) was the third album released in Argentina, in more than 30 years of activity. "It constitutes a true return to the most authentic, unpredictable and poetic limelight of those pioneers who in the early sixties began to stir the city under the certainty that music for the young could not be only what proposed "El Club del Clan"» (Diario Página/12, 11/10/95).  In an unusual event for Rock, this material was presented at Teatro Cervantes together with the Orquesta Nacional de Música Argentina.

"Cintas secretas" (2005) with recorded live tracks. Moris comments: "It's the truest way to be there, in those concerts, because the recordings were only digitized and mastered, but they have not had any additions or modifications."

At the end of the year 2016 he publishes his last work “Ayer, hoy y siempre” that counts on 5 classic songs re-released and 6 compositions unpublished.




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