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POÇOS & NUVENS Discography Ano Veloz, Outono Adentro (1998) Província Universo (2001) Clouds on the road - Live in Niterói 2005 (2012) Members featured in the album Província Universo (2001) GERSON WERLANG - Electric and classic guitar, keyboard and vocals IRVIN FALLER - Bass EDGAR SLEIFER - Transversal flute, electric and classic guitar and vocals SÁVIO WERLANG - Keyboards and gaita IVA GIRACCA - Violin RAFAEL BISOGNO - Drums Members featured in the album Clouds on the road - Live in Niterói 2005 (2012) GERSON WERLANG - Electric and acoustic guitar, effects and vocals EDGAR SLEIFER - Transversal flute, guitar and vocals SÁVIO WERLANG - Keyboards, accordion and vocals IVA GIRACCA - Violin and vocals CHICO GONÇALVES - Electric bass and vocals RODRIGO BERNARDON - Drums and percussion Having its roots in the mid 80’s, Poços & Nuvens (that means Wells & Clouds in portuguese) began its career in South Brazil with the open intention to play and create progressive rock. Its unique blend of prog rock, brazilian music and folk roots is permanently opening the band’s way to a wider audience. Ano Veloz Outono Adentro (Fast Year Through Autumn), released in 1998, was the band’s first cd, and received excellent reviews from prog rock magazines around the world. In 2001, the violinist Iva Giracca was included as a sixth member. With the new line up the band recorded its second cd, Província Universo (Province Universe), released in the beggining of 2002. This work was released by Musea and Rock Symphony labels and received even more positive reviews around the world. In 2001, the band played at Rio Art Rock Festival alongside Tryo, Xang and Le Orme. In 2003, the band was the opening act to Focus in Brazil and in 2004 played at Baja Prog , in México. Recently has recorded its first dvd, due to be released this year. Information: