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PROJETO CALEIDOSCÓPIO Discography O Sete (1999) Carrossel (2002) Members featured in the album O Sete (1999) ARTHUR NOGUEIRA - Electric & acoustic guitars and chorus ANALU PAREDES - Lead vocals and chorus Guest Musicians: ELISA WIERMANN - Keyboards CLAUDIO DANTAS - Drums ALEXANDRE LOUREIRO - Bass ALEXANDRE MARASLIS - Synths PAULO MACIEL - Keyboards PAULO MÁRCIO - Drums JORGE MATHIAS - Bass MESTRE PAULAO - Percussion ANDRÉ SANTOS - Violin YURI POPPOF - Bass LENA HORTA - Flute DANIEL CHEESE - Electric guitar PROJETO CALEIDOSCÓPIO, led by Arthur Noguira (arrangements, lyrics, vocals, acoustic & electric guitar and music & vocals direction) and Analu Paredes (lead vocal, lyrics, vocals direction and executive producer) is a band that has nothing to do with the present-day Brazilian music scene. In a country where the music business is now based on the selling of a product and not on the music itself, the couple gives much value to the song and the melody - their work's trademark - and that's not a very easy job for two independent artists. Innovative, they are a Progressive Rock-oriented group with a strong Brazilian identity; they did not copy the music style, that has its roots in England, but re-created it, blending new elements that resulted in a impressive balance between vocals and instruments. Recordings commenced in 12 January, 1999 and the couple began to make their dream come true; they have wanted to work together using their experience as music teachers and their appreciation for Progressive Rock for more than five years. The main idea for "O Sete" (seven) was to have within the multiplicity of a kaleidoscope, that was to be shown to the public through the various guest musicians with different timbres and hues playing on the album. Analu and Arthur chose the musicians by their identity, always thinking wheather they would like to play a specific song or not. That concern made the participants' interaction possible, and everybody worked just perfect together as in a kaleidoscope. The merit to "glue the small pieces together", i.e. to make the instrumentalists play precisely without rehearsing or taking part in the compositions belongs to Arthur Nogueira. Despite having acted like a Maestro, he did not put any limits on the guest musicians' improvisations, in which him and Analu Paredes had thought specially - and in separate - to play a track on their album. With such a creative imagination, the couple managed to get along really well with all the instrumentalists that ended up building a complicity with the Project, becoming true collaborators of the CD. The great effort made by these two idealists from Rio de Janeiro was diversified from the work's conception, that included dealing with a large number of people, to the production and the need to supervise every detail. They even bought food for everybody that attended the recordings ! Analu was expecting her daughter for August, but in May she travelled to Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, with Arthur to record with Toninho Horta. They did everything they could despite all the financial problems that an independent production has. After Camila's birth, they started mixing their CD, They were very busy for they had to take care of the baby and her oldest brother, Gabriel, and also be able to listen to eveything that was being done at the same time. Union is the key word to define this couple appealing. When it comes to professionalism, they try to achieve their very best by giving each other vocals direction, for instance. The strength we can see in them we can also hear in their songs. The celebration of this duo's work was completed when their idols made beautiful comments on "O Sete"; their names were: Annie Haslam (from Renaissance) and Marcus Viana (from Sagrado). These two artists were the reason why Arthur Nogueira and Analu Paredes deceided to become musicians. In spite of not being well-known artists, Analu had already received compliments from João Carlos Assis Brasil and Ivan Lins, and Arthur was described as a virtuoso guitarist for his performance on Topos Uranos' "Suit Mística" by the British magazine/encyclopedia Gibraltar. Information: