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  • High level low people - (2018)



Members featured in the album

  • High level low people - (2018)


MARCELLO SCHEVANO - Guitar, keyboards and vocals






CaSch is a band formed by three virtuous and experienced instrumentalists. The album was recorded in a studio with an international level and its technical operation, in charge of qualified technicians, according to a high standard, therefore, there would be no possibility of this album not being exceptional.

The sound proposal, along the five tracks presented in this EP, was to unite the most modern Hard-Rock, with weight and a tendency towards accelerated tempos, almost at the limit of Heavy-Metal, to the old seventies style of Progressive Rock, to present the virtuosity around intricate passages in its traditional suites. Competence to play Prog Rock the old fashioned way, that's what the members of this band have in spades, allied to the fact that in their natural archive of influences, this old school pulsates with great strength and propriety, I know this from my own experience when I get to know them very good.

And the option for the more modern and heavier sound of current Hard-Rock also naturally passes through the Schevano brothers, since both have maintained their band, "Carro Bomba", which transits through such a field for years. Equally for Rolando Castello Junior, it can be said, since the management of the Space Patrol in its last years of career leaned towards this sound. Therefore, the choice of the trio for this mixture was very natural in terms of aesthetic choice.

Regarding the lyrics, the option was made to use the English language and certainly this strategy by the band proves to be the right one for the work they set out to do, however, mainly thinking about the issue of the Brazilian domestic market, which has never been so unfavorable for Rock as a whole, and currently, it shows even greater resurgence of the little that was available.

The proposal to sound heavy and in line with modern aesthetics of international Hard-Rock and Heavy-Metal.




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