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  • (2000-2020)



Fernando Ríos                                                           

Fernando Ríos was born in Buenos Aires. He is a journalist. He was Editorial Secretary of the Télam News Agency and worked in the News Management of Public TV. He wrote for the weekly Newsweek, Revista de Jazz de Barcelona and for the Argentinean publications Living Jazz and BA Jazz Magazine. He published notes and interviews about the new Argentine jazz on the Spanish website Registros a Media Voz de Islas Canarias, Clube de Jazz de Brasil and the newspaper Infobae de Argentina. He was part of the book Gente con Swing II, the compilation of jazz texts produced in 2020 by the National University of Rosario and Homo Sapiens Ediciones. Since 2005 he directs the online magazine Argentjazz.




  • (2000-2020)


Rarely in the history of musical practice in Argentina has there been such an overwhelming influx of young musicians, capable of combining technical rigor with artistic imagination, as in Argentine jazz in the first two decades of the 21st century. And it is this advanced generation that parades here, with a complete panorama of names and trends that seems to speak for itself; starting from the end of the nineties to house a fascinating plurality of voices, styles and tendencies. But beyond a simple chronological evolution, this book also shows the multiple facets of the generational replacement of jazz in Argentina, immersed in the changing political and social context that frames and promotes it. The original compositions, the new authors, their interaction with tango and rock, independent labels, urban spaces, the growing female presence, streaming, and modern broadcasting and listening habits. Substantial parts of a corpus in constant evolution and creativity, which for the first time come together in a text that crosses them and analyzes them with an integrating gaze.




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