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  • Aparato para sordos - (1990) Cassette



Members featured in the album

  • Aparato para sordos - (1990)


CLAUDIA PUYO - Vocals, guitar and keyboards

TITO FARGO - Guitars


ANYE BAO PÉREZ - Drums and percussion




In 1988 Claudia Puyó travels to Spain and together with Tito Fargo, (Redonditos de Ricota; Gran Martell) and they form Románticos de Arcane, which brings together three superior values of our music: Claudia Puyó, the female voice of Argentine Blues; Tito Fargo, guitarist from the early days of Patricio Rey and Los Redonditos de Ricota; and bassist Néstor Vetere (former Dulces16). They, together with the drummer from Malaga Anye Bao Pérez, recorded a true jewel that had only been released on cassette during their tour of Spain, which was released in 1990, under the group's own production and the support of Jorge Pinedo for Wampus Producciones.

For a time the group continued to play in the Madrid underground, until its dissolution, leaving behind this interesting sound material.

In 2021, the Mucha Madera Producciones label decided to release this hidden gem of Argentine Rock in CD format.




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