Viajero Inmóvil - Difusión de grupos progresivos independientes

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  • Vuelta al lugar de los hechos - (1999) with Héctor Palacio
  • Chatarra de luxe - (1999) with Beatriz Barsky
  • Transgresores: Spinetta/García/Páez - (2000)
  • Transgresores: La mirada inteligente
  • Tícher de luz - Una guía Spinetteana - (2012) Segunda edición
  • Un Dios aparte - Tras los pasos de Charly García - (2013)
  • Nueve vidas - de Pedro Aznar - (2013)
  • Elegancia pop - Una vuelta por el universo Cerati - (2014)
  • Sicodélica star  - Del 63 a la velocidad del tiempo - (2014)
  • El bohemio va - Código Nebbia | Cincuentenario - (2015)
  • 50 bandas argentinas fundamentales - Lado A - (2016)
  • [Tícher de luz reprise] - (2017) with Lucas José Fernández
  • Postales 1 - Baglietto Vitale - (2020) with Lucas José Fernández
  • Postales 2 - Baglietto Vitale - (2020) with Lucas José Fernández
  • Aperitivo sinfónico - Introducción qal rock sinfónico en la Argentina - (2021) with Daniel Esteban Ferrero



Miguel Ángel Dente

Born in Montevideo - Uruguay [1965], nationalized Argentine, transits from graphic design and architecture [UBA] coming to get 1st prize in architectural Theoretical development of the Bienal de Arte Joven ´91 organized by the Municipality of Buenos Aires. He works as a real estate broker occupationally [UTN] and has participated in various literary anthologies.

In 1998 he received the award Pablo Neruda: 1st I mention in the Hall of illustrated poetry ArtEspacio gallery. Together with Hector Palacio -comrade Carlos Pellegrini school- edit “Vuelta al lugar de los hechos”  in 1999

Del Tridente edit “Chatarra de luxe”, compilation that includes poems written by him and the writer Beatriz Barsky, with brief foreword by León Gieco.

In 2010, he released “Transgresores: Spinetta/García/Páez” [Editorial Distal].

He collaborated with the magazines: "Sudestada", "Arde Rock & Roll", the blog "Hagan ruido" and participated in the television series "Historias reales" by E! Enterteinment.

Since 2010 develops the collection “50 años Rock” for Ediciones Disconario.


Daniel Esteban Ferrero

Born in the Liniers neighborhood of the capital, he is a Professor of Philosophy and Psychology with thirty years dedicated to teaching at secondary and tertiary levels. He has written self-help books, popular philosophy, and fantasy and science fiction novels. His wide musical tastes refer especially to the '60s and' 70s and he is a rock lover. Since his adolescence, he toured the Rivadavia and Centenario parks in search of vinyl and compact discs. There he met Miguel Dente, with whom he maintains a friendship for more than twenty years.




  • Aperitivo sinfónico - (2021)


In the second half of the seventies, the symphonic progressive rock movement dominated part of the international decade, and in Argentina it was represented by the music of various bands related to the genre, many of them from the interior of the country. This book aims to highlight the presence of symphonic progressive rock on this side of the Earth, a subgenre that is generally “invisible” in the local literature.

Our research work covers the albums of the most emblematic groups, from those that filled stadiums over and over again to others that were ignored or practically unknown. After so many years, many of the symphonic progressive rock musicians turned to other activities, emigrated, or died. Exclusively, we rescue here the voice of a member of each of those bands.



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