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  • Souvenir de un mundo bizarro - (1999)

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Members featured in the album

  • Souvenir de un mundo bizarro - (1999)

RINALDO RAFANELLI - Bass, guitar and vocals




Guest musicians:

GUILLERMO TRAPANI - Hammond organ and piano

JULIO PRESAS - Guitar and chorus




Rinaldo Rafanelli is one of the pillar bassists of Argentine Rock, a member of Color Humano with Edelmiro Molinari, Oscar Moro and David Lebón.

He then started a great career integrating the following bands:

Sui Géneris with Charly García, Nito Mestre and Juan Rodríguez.

Polifemo with David Lebón, Juan Rodríguez and Ciro Fogliatta.

Seleste with David Lebón, Pedro Aznar, Pomo and Diego Rapoport (he did not edit albums).

Banda Spinetta with Luis Alberto Spinetta, Gustavo Bazterrica and Luis Cerávolo (he did not edit albums)

He was part of the Charly García band with Carlos García López, María Gabriela Epumer, Celeste Carballo, Mario Serra and Fernando Samalea.

Coral (did not edit albums) has had several formations in which the following musicians have participated:

Guitarists: Gustavo Bazterrica, Quique Sinesi, Ricardo Mollo, Palo Penayo, Pino Marrone. Drummers: Oscar Moro, Daniel Volpini, Horacio López, Marco Pusineri, Juan Rodríguez, Gonzalo Farrugia, Lucio Mazaira. Keyboardists: Claudio Pesavento, Leo Sujatovich, Alejandro Lerner. Demo: with Ricardo Mollo, Beto Topini and Daniel Leis.

During the eighties he joined Alphonso S'Entrega with Daniel Morano, Sergio Nacif, Anibal García and Marcelo Pelater.

In the nineties he produced the first Los Romeos album, with Sergio Nacif, Gustavo Virgilio, Marcelo Pelater, Claudio Batista and Martin Reinoso and began to have a more active participation in the band.

El Adoquín with Juan Rodríguez and Gady Pampillón.

At the end of that decade he formed Rino Rafanelli & la Rimanblu with Ariel Rodríguez and Claudio Salas, with whom he edited the album “Souvenir de un mundo bizarro” in 1999. The first version of the power bass-guitar-drums trio was a street deformation of R&B.

Later he created Power Trío with Black Amaya and “El Negro” García López.

Over the years, Rafanelli then recast the name to Riman Bloom, using a play on words related to "bloom", with "explode", very much in keeping with these rock vibes. Rafanelli, now living in Villa Mercedes, expresses himself musically through his power trio RimanBloom Sur with Theo Navas on guitar and Lolo Cincotta on drums.

He is currently a member of the RimanBloom!  a power trio with Lorenzo Vox and Diego Ceccato.




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