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  • Historias de Vox Dei - (2020)



Lucas José Fernández

He is a native of Huinca Renancó, province of Córdoba. Since 2001 he lives in Córdoba where he works as a studio operator at LRA7 Radio Nacional Córdoba (AM750 and FM100.1). There he produces and conducts the daily cycle Mama Rock, which has been on the air for 18 years on said station, with a segment of interviews with various exponents of Argentine rock and music in general. Between 2017 and 2020, this program, sponsored by Litto Nebbia, was broadcast on LRA1 AM870 on Saturdays for the entire country by the Celeste and Blanca network made up of 49 stations.

In 2009 he created the blog http: //laflordelbaldí In 2017 he edited “El concierto en el aire” (Tícher de luz - reprise)  together with Miguel Ángel Dente, which he presented for 3 years throughout the country. In 2020, also together with Miguel Ángel Dente, he edited “Postales 1 y 2”, books on the life and work of the Baglietto / Vitale duo. Lucas has two children, he has not yet planted a tree and this is his third book.


Néstor Rodolfo Petruccelli

Graduated from ENERC (National School of Cinematographic Experimentation and Realization) in the specialty of Screenwriting; Bachelor of Audiovisual Arts Teaching from UMSAN (San Martín University); screenwriter of the film “Bruno Motoneta” (2018), based on his own idea and directed by Pablo Parés; scriptwriter of the graphic novel “Ciudad Maldita” (2018) on the plot of the cinematographic director Fernando Spiner with drawings by “Beto” Lorenzo, scriptwriter of “Poder de Cuarta” (2019) with drawings by Sebastián Maissa; curator of the Argentine fantastic film exhibition at the Dr. Arturo Jauretche Historical Archive and Museum (2009) and columnist for the magazine “La Cosa” from 2002 to 2017.

He has received the following awards and recognitions: Argentores award in the "Radio Theater" category for the play "No Me Saque" (2012), first prize in advertising with Jabón Jackson. Program “Jugate con Todo” (Telefé 1995) and best script in the National Festival of Popular Video (1993) with “Paralelos”, a documentary about the life of Héctor Germán Oesterheld and his work “El Eternauta”.




  • Historias de Vox Dei - (2020)


Vox Dei is a fundamental group in the history of Argentine Rock and has an extraordinary work through many albums. We will have to make a list, in which are “Jeremías, Pies de Plomo”, “Cuero Caliente”, “La Nave Infernal”, “La Biblia”, “Es Una Nube, No Hay Duda”, “Gata de Noche”… It's an endless list of albums and they're all amazing!

It is a band with a great aesthetic quality, with a lot of street and a lot of flight. Vox Dei imposes a quality of production and creation. That is why it is so important in Argentine Rock, because it is at the root of having done something on the margins, in Quilmes, where they are from. The contribution that they have made from that place and the entity that they have given to a way of making rock in Argentina.

Vox Dei ... what he did in me was to put me on the axis, tell me: "The thing is going that way".  I've known them since before I discovered Luis Alberto Spinetta, “Litto” Nebbia, even before “Charly García” ...

Fito Páez




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