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  • Fábulas del cielo - (1980) - LP
  • Nuestro hogar - (1981) - LP
  • 1980-81 - (2020)



Members featured in the album

  • Fábulas del cielo - (1980) - LP

JUAN CARLO INGARAMO - Keyboards and vocals


JULIÁN “Pelusa” NAVARRO - Keyboards

ALFREDO “Pichón” BUSTOS - Soprano & tenor sax

LITO LOYOLA - Electric bass

BEBE CANIZA - Drums and percussion
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Members featured in the album

  • Nuestro hogar - (1981) - LP

JUAN CARLO INGARAMO - Piano and keyboards


JULIÁN “Pelusa” NAVARRO - Piano and keyboards

OSCAR FELDMAN - Alto & soprano sax and flute

CÉSAR FRANOV - Electric bass

BEBE CANIZA - Drums and accesories




From the province of Córdoba, the brothers Juan Carlos and Mingui Ingaramo began to foray into music in the early 1970s. Since many young people, they tried their first steps in 1973 with a full-fledged barrio band. During four years they managed to play in different places, sharing their own compositions with beautiful moments of musicals and friendship. I will have a certain acknowledgment that they will be telephones from Litto Nebbia in a show in the city of Cordoba. In the year 1977, the group disbanded.

The restless brothers are linked to pianist Julián “Pelusa” Navarro and also to other experienced Jazz musicians, such as drummer B.B. Caniza, bassist Lito Loyola and great saxophonist Alfredo “Pichón” Bustos. All of them were bigger than they are, and they are also very well known in the Jazz environment of their province.

I like to listen to Navarro playing Bill Evans themes on his piano, which are marvelous. This time, they show their themes to the pianist and the next day that I propose to disappear to set up a new band. In this way, the Grupo Encuentro, initially experimenting essentially with the music of Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea and his own compositions.

During the following years, we played in pubs and small places that did not exist. Later they started a recording studio in Córdoba and recorded the themes of their first album “Fábulas del Cielo”, published in the year 1980 and released in LP vinyl format, which sometimes got out and never got reissued.

The good repercussion of his record debut will make him play more asiduously and continue to evolve. In one of these events, a group of talented young people came together and Mousse emerged. Among these new valuables were César Franov in electric bass, Oscar Foldman in alto sax, Gabriel Braceras in keyboards, Fernando Grossi in guitar and drummers Horacio Ruiz Guiñazú and Hugo Ordanini. With them and part of the musicians of Grupo Encuentro, they started to record a second album next year, titled “Nuestro Hogar”. Both work had the particularity of being instrumental, moving through what was called Jazz Fusión at that time, something original for that time in Argentina.

With this latest training, playing in some ocations and ready to become the legendary band Los Músicos del Centro, which writes an important chapter in the history of Córdoba music, and which are projected at national level through their work, mainly, together with Litto Nebbia.





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