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  • Suite Supernova - (2017)



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  • Suite Supernova - (2017)


RODOLFO PLANES - Electric & acoustic guitars, bass, synths, Mellotron, MiniMoog, ARP AXXE, Yamaha piano and drums programming




In the winter of 1974 Fernando Peña Pérez (bass and acoustic guitar) and Rodolfo Planes (guitars, keyboards, effects) summon Ricardo Vricella (drums) and Eduardo Galimany (guitars and effects) to form a group.

Vricella had already played for more than three years with Plans in different bands and they knew each other perfectly. Planes and Galimany had agreed on another project the previous year - of which Vricella was also part - and created the repertoire of the new band developing the unfinished material of the previous experience and adding new creations. Over the weeks the band consolidated and explored new aspects that led to the Supernova Suite.

The following year Galimany withdrew and Claudio Dinzelbacher entered. Due to the difficulties posed in making the existing repertoire live, they set aside the suite and went back to the previous material where the themes called "One" and "Two" stand out.

For reasons of availability, Jorge “Litto” Monaco was added on drums to replace Vricella, with both drummers interspersed in different presentations.

In 1977 Dinzelbacher retires and in trio formation and with a new repertoire, Vricella, Peña Pérez and Planes continue until December, at which time the final separation occurs.

The most outstanding performances took place in the northern part of the City of Buenos Aires and the north of the conurbation, highlighting the presentation at the Don Bosco theater in San Isidro, a short performance at the Astral theater and a very elaborate recital at the YPF Club.

Less than two years later there was the sad death of Fernando Peña Pérez in 1979. In the late 1980s Vricella left the music to attend the family's business. Galimany alternated the music with different figures of the National Rock with works as a recording technician and touring as a live sound operator. He also dedicated himself to electronics until in 1981 he emigrated to Germany, which is where he lives since then. Dinzelbacher turned to projects more linked to the music of the Río de la Plata and participated in albums of popular music and Blues, unfortunately he died in 2015 due to a heart condition. Plans left Buenos Aires in early 1982 to settle in Tierra del Fuego where he dedicated himself to the electronic industry and technology, participating in different musical projects at the local and regional level. In mid-1982, Monaco emigrated to Europe, finally settling in Switzerland, dedicating himself to teaching and having been a musician, soundman and illuminator of several theatrical companies.

Dinzelbacher, Monaco and Plans continued linked until 1981 in other musical projects.

In 2015 -40 years later- Plans and Galimany undertook the task of rescuing Supernova's musical works but Galimany finally gave up, leaving Plans in charge of the reconstruction and sound recording of the selected themes.

In the middle of the year 2019, they are contacted from the Viajero Inmóvil Records label to edit the material entirely rebuilt by Rodolfo Planes, which is released in CD format in October of that year.




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