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AEROBLUES Ver información de la banda
"Archivos secretos capturados vivos en Buenos Aires 1977"

(1977) - Edifier Discos

This great archival recovery of a live recording made by Argentine Hard Rock Power Trio, Aeroblues, the line-up of which was Norberto Napolitano (Pappo), Alejandro Medina and Rolando Castello Júnior, came from a reel-to-reel tape recording at an audience-attended rehearsal. The recording was kept and preserved by Rolando, the threesome's drummer, who later made a copy onto a cassette tape, which became the resulting master for this album.

Samples - AEROBLUES - Archivos secretos capturados vivos en Buenos Aires 1977 - YouTube

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ALMA Ver información de la banda
"Sobre fantasías"

(2008) - Record Runner

Alma is a duet conformed by guitarrist Carlos Lucena (Nexus) and Roxana Truccolo on keyboards and vocals. This project blends together Progressive Folk, Celtic melodies, and Baroque Music, all seen from the view of a Rock lense type of perspective.

Samples - ALMA - Sobre fantasías - Soundcloud

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BAALBEK Ver información de la banda
"Fata Morgana"

(2000) - Record Runner

New instrumental band of Prog Fusion, some parts with a sound similar to Minimum Vital - Esprit D´Amor.

Samples - BAALBEK - Fata Morgana - MySpace

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BUBU Ver información de la banda

(1978) - PQR-Disques plusqueréel
CD - digi-pack (special pack)

Heralded in its contemporary 70s music press as a phenomenal release, and revered globally for many years to come by Progrock aficionados as a best-kept secret, Anabelas still beguiles the most demanding listener by dint of its unique compositional trajectory that is marked by the implosive amalgamation of Symphonic Prog with Neo-classical, Zeuhl with Free Jazz. European editio couched in a 3fold digipack cover, with a 12 page booklet featuring Bubu’s official biography + an interview.

Samples - BUBU - Anabelas - Bandcamp

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FACTOR BURZACO Ver información de la banda
"Factor Burzaco II"

(2011) - AltrOck Productions

Released by the Italian label AltrOck, the second studio effort recorded by Factor Burzaco deepens its search within the R.I.O. territory (along the lines of such influential and key stalwarts of the genre as Thinking Plague and Henry Cow). The work shows the lads in a darker, more pensive, and atmospheric mood than the first.


Samples - FACTOR BURZACO - Factor Burzaco II - Bandcamp

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FACTOR BURZACO Ver información de la banda
"Factor Burzaco 3"

(2014) - AltrOck Productions

This is now the third recorded delivery by the ensemble of musicians led by Abel Gilbert, which most definitely buries its' flag firmly into Rock In Opposition territory, albeit still searching for other genre components as well, in order to enrich their own musical brand, by incorporating distinct passages of Jazz, Avant-Prog, Funk, and Contemporary Music.


Samples - FACTOR BURZACO - Factor Burzaco 3 - Bandcamp

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HEXATÓNICA Ver información de la banda
"El visionario"

(2012) - Musea Parallel Label

Despite the changes in its lineup, the group maintains its powerful style of combining Metallic Hard Prog (in the Dream Theater vein), Symphonic Rock (E.L.& P., Yes) and touches of Fusion Prog (Planet X), with a current sound that is sonically close to the works by Jaime Rosas. El visionario is the band's second studio effort and their third release thus far.

Samples - HEXATÓNICA - El visionario - YouTube

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IRIGOYEN, DANIEL Ver información de la banda
"Sueños peligrosos"

(2010) - Mulatina Records

This is the second soloist effort by the former member of the Argentine Beat group, "Los Mentales". Latin Jazz and Soul are fused together with rhythms from the River Plate area, and the album features quite a list of renowned guest musicians, who accompany Daniel in this very worthy and recommendable effort.

Samples - DANIEL IRIGOYEN - Sueños peligrosos - Reverbnation

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LALO HUBER Ver información de la banda
"Lost in Kali Yuga"

(2009) - Record Runner

The excellent keyboards player out of the Nexus camp has just released his first solo effort. Just as he has proven throughout his career with Nexus, he once again reaffirms his good taste and superlative compositional talents. The style and quality displayed on this disc cast our minds effortlessly back to the halcyon days of the band's debut album, "Detras del umbral".

Samples - LALO HUBER - Lost in Kali Yuga - YouTube

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MODEST MIDGET Ver información de la banda
"The great prophecy of a small man - CDr"

(2010) - I.P.

Originally based out of Holland, this band is skippered by the Argentine Lionel Ziblat, and the rest of the group's musicians are of different other nationalities. This, their debut album shows a Progressive and eclectic trend to their craft, which combines a plethora of influences ranging from The Beatles, Frank Zappa, Klezmer Music, to British Prog.

Samples - MODEST MIDGET - The great prophecy of a small man - Bandcamp

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NICOTINA ES PRIMAVERA Ver información de la banda
"Animal cerámico"

(2016) - Buh Records
CD - digi-pack

This musical project is led by Peruvian flutist Camilo Angeles, a young musician who is based in Buenos Aires. Camilo got in touch with diverse local fellow-musicians who share his very same musical inclinations, in order to form this septet that merges Contemporary, Jazz, Experimental Rock, and Avant-Garde, and which connects them with the tradition of so-called Rock In Opposition (RIO).

Samples - NICOTINA ES PRIMAVERA - Animal cerámico - Bandcamp

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NICOTINA ES PRIMAVERA Ver información de la banda
"Perder planetas"

(2018) - Buh Records
CD - digi-sleeve

This outfit's second sonic proposition is a resounding and overwhelming hybrid of Avant-Jazz, Contemporary Chamber Music and radical injections of Progressive Rock, which transform this album into Rock In Opposition. The sound experimentation in this recording varies in each track, while accomplishing their consolidation in becoming Creators of a totally renovating style.

Samples - NICOTINA ES PRIMAVERA - Perder planetas - Bandcamp

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SALES DE BAÑO Ver información de la banda
"Geometría del vínculo"

(2019) - Buh Records
LP vinilo

The third album, can be understood as an Avant-Garde Jazz album which is also connected with the spirit of Rock in Opposition. The ostinati converse with free forms, in sequences that can lead to attacks of noisy abstraction, which spring from both Rock and Free Jazz, then go back and build complex sonic architectures.

Samples - SALES DE BAÑO - Geometría del vínculo - Bandcamp

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SUBLIMINAL Ver información de la banda

(2008) - Record Runner

Parallel project to Nexus, as two of its members are part of this trio. Subliminal comprises Lalo Huber on keyboards, Luis Nakamura on drums, and Lito Marcello, who handles all things vocal. In spite of sounding a little like Nexus at times, they definitely possess a much stronger presence in the singing department, sung in Spanish and a fictitious language.

Samples - SUBLIMINAL - Limbo - MySpace

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