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AKINETÓN RETARD Discography Akinetón Retard (1999) Akranania (2001) 21 canapes (2004) Members featured in the album Akinetón Retard (1999) ESTRATOS AKRIAS - High sax, clarinet and vocals LERAS TUTAS - Bass PETRAS DAS PETREN - Tenor, high & baritone sax and vocals BOLSHEK TRADIB - Drums and vocals TANDERAL ANFURNESS - Guitar and vocals Members featured in the album Akranania (2001) TANDERAL ANFURNESS - Guitar BOLSHEK TRADIB - Drums ESTRATOS AKRIAS - Clarón, high& soprano sax PETRAS DAS PETREN - Tenor sax LECTA CELDREJ- Electric bass and double bass Members featured in the album 21 canapes (2004) TANDERAL ANFURNESS - Guitars, electric bass, keyboards and teteras ESTRATOS AKRIAS - Clarón, high, tenor & soprano sax BOLSHEK TRADIB - Drums LECTA CELDREJ- Electric bass and double bass YYUCI CELASNOG - Percussion PETRAS DAS PETREN - Tenor sax EDÉN CARRASCO - High sax --2003-- -Third c.d.'s release '21 Canapés' at the SCD (author rights society) concert hall. -Compositions, interpretations and recording of 'Latente', choreography inserted on the cycle 'Carta blanca a...' for the Chilean National Ballet, BANCH. --2002---Recording of the second CD 'Akranania' in an independent way, edited simultaneously in Chile by 'Mylodon Records' and in Brazil by 'Rock Symphony' label. -Starting with an invitation to the 'Bajaprog 2002' a tour during February and March took place through diverse cities of Mexico (DF, Zacatecas, Mexicali and Ensenada). -Triple release (CD, video clip of 'Morricoleman' and web page at 'Teatro Novedades'. -Recordings of the CD 'Canciones del Planeta Tierra' music for a kindergarten school called 'Planeta Tierra', this CD was released at the same school during national parties, here is where the new project for child's music 'Akinetin' was born, it is conformed by the same musicians of Akinetón Retard. -Presentations on diverse schools around Santiago are given by 'Akinetin'. -Invitation to 'Progman Cometh' festival in Seattle, USA, sharing stage with Software (formerly Soft Machine), Alan Holdsworth, Pip Lyle, Hugh Hopper and Kevin Ayers between others. -The USA government denied visas so the band couldn't assist to the festival. -Two musicians of the band participate on the theatre piece 'El círculo de tiza caucasiano' directed by Raul Osorio for the Chilean National Theatre. --2001-- -Filming of the 16mm. video clip 'Morricoleman' directed by Martín Duplaquet and produced by 'La Fé' productions. -Re-edition of the CD 'Akineton Retard' by 'Lizard Records' (Treviso, Italy). -Good critics of German, Italian, Spanish, Belgium and French magazines (check attached material). -Garticipation on the 12th anniversary of Radio Futuro which took place at the 'Teatro Providencia'. -Participation on the first Avant-garde music festival which took place at 'Teatro Municipal de Valparaiso'. -Appearance on the anthology of the alternative music magazine 'Fakxion' Chile. -Live concert transmitted from the Radio Futuro studios, due to the first anniversary of the 'Punto de Vanguardia' program. --2000-- -Concert at the 'Baquedano' theatre in front of more than 1000 spectators. -13 concert cycle, organised by 'La Trova' bar. -composing and interpretation of the music for an assembly by Rodrigo Bazaes based on the poem 'Porque escribí' written by Enrique Lihn, created specially for the inauguration of the 'Feria del Libro 2000'. Live show on this inauguration with the presence of the Chilean republic's President Ricardo Lagos and other high authorities. -Growing of international attention for Akineton Retard, it's the first Chilean band that appears on a compilation c.d. in 'Margen magazine'(Spain). -Participation on 'vanguardia 2000' festival, organised by radio futuro at 'Teatro Providencia' in front of near 600 spectators. --1999-- -Independent edition of the first CD 'Akineton Retard' recorded live at 'Estudio Master' (belongs to the Universidad de Chile Radio) and 'La Batuta' discotheque. -CD release at the 'Agustin Siré' hall at the theatre school of Universidad de Chile. -About 15 live presentations at different universities -Exchange of musicians, Cristián Gonzalez joins at percussions and flute and Rolando Jeldres at bass and double bass. --1998-- -Participation on the cycle 'Bandas Emergentes' organised at 'La Batuta' ,digital recording of the concert. -Two musicians of the band create and conduct the radio program 'Catatonios y Akrananios', Mondays 23:00, 102.5 fm Universidad de Chile radio. -Recording of the music for the theatre piece 'Las Brutas' directed by Marcelo Alonso. --1997-- -Concerts at small halls and night clubs(Oz, Tomm Pub, etc...) -Presentation at 'Estadio Chile' (now known as Victor Jara) , together with Los Miserables, Mauricio Redolés and Joe Vascocellos between others. -Musicalisation of the short film 'Zona 2' by Sebastián Araya -Three of the band musicians participate on the theatre piece 'Casa de Luna' directed by 'Alfredo Castro' for the national theatre of Chile -Recording of the music for the theatre piece 'La Farsa' collective creation of students of the theatre school of Universidad de Chile, --1996-- -Individual work period. --1995-- -Debut at the Arts Faculty of Universidad de Chile. -Concerts cycle at campus Oriente, Universidad Catolica. -Presentation at different universities. --1994-- -First rehearsals at Nos, Santiago Information: