Viajero Inmóvil - Difusión de grupos progresivos independientes

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  • Medio siglo de música en nuestro idioma - (2016)



Leonardo De Angelis                                       

BA in Economics, Professor and passionate in Argentine Rock. "For a long time buy records, CDs and books about Rock and I was always fascinated to know everything about each group, soloist, his record, his songs, recitals, etc. So I put a descriptive and encyclopedic analysis from the point of view of our Rock informative. At first the idea was to write about the origin of the movement and then began to take shape analysis decade by decade. "

"Once completed, the project was in stand for a while. Until the possibility arose to do so from a printing press. With much sacrifice, time and dedication, I designed it with a friend the top, cover and all internal design ", which can mean a completely independent production.




  • Medio siglo de música en nuestro idioma - (2016)


The book tries to explain the recurring question of what was the origin of our Rock. From the outset historians and journalists have not been agreed which was exactly the start of the Rock in Argentina. But undoubtedly it has its roots around in the sixties with what brought the young members of groups like Los Beatniks, Los Gatos, Almendra, Manal, Los Abuelos de la Nada, any product which imposed both The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Byrds and many others who did change the way you feel the music to the youth who saw the opportunity to channel their concerns in this new fashion that would transform the world not only in their thinking, but also how to live and express their wishes and feelings.


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