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  • El trío - (1985)
  • El trío - (1986)
  • El trío - (1991) (Compilation)



Members featured in the album

  • El trío - (1991) (Compilation)


LITO VITALE - Piano, synths, pedalera, bass pedals and percussion effects





Lito Vitale was born on December 1 1961 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Now, "My folks’ house", is my studio and the place where I spend most of my time. (A detail: everything takes place in the old and meaningful district of San Telmo).

Apparently Lito had his first contact with music when he was very young: on the one hand, the presence of his parents, Rubens Vitale (Donvi) and Esther Soto, was decisive as regards the artistic stimulation. On the other hand, a piano at home attracted his curiosity all the time

During the primary school, Lito performed with his friends. In 1976, He created M.I.A. (Músicos Independientes Asociados or Independently Associated Musicians), together with his sister Liliana Vitale, Alberto Muñoz, Juan del Barrio, Nono Belvis, Daniel Curto and Esther Soto - Rubens Vitale was the organizer and coordinator.

Lito Vitale’s next step was his first solo album: "Sobre miedos, creencias y supersticiones", recorded in 1981.

Immediately after that he formed a duet. First with Dino Saluzzi; they started playing together with the excuse of a probable live show (which never happened) with Ron Carter. The six months that they rehearsed left, in a way footprints in Vitale, specially as far as folklore music is concerned. Then he played with Manolo Juárez, experience that appeared in the live record, "A dos pianos". Meanwhile, his career as composer and solo performer continued.

During the presentation of "Quitapenas" (today compiled in "Un día antes de ayer"), Lito met Jorge Cumbo and Lucho González. With them he had his first experience as a trio; they were the Argentine representatives at the Encuentro de Música Popular y de Producción Independiente", held at Porto Alegre, Brazil. There, Vitale personally met Hermeto Pascoal, who invited him to play with him on stage. The resul: half an hour of improvisation about the tango "Nostalgias".

The next trio was "Vitale - Baraj - González". With this line up he gave countless concerts all over the country. Three of them were unforgettable. The first one was on January 1 1986 celebrating New year’s Eve. It was 5 A.M. in Parque Centenario and more than 20 thousand people were there to listen to the alternative folklore trio. The second, a few weeks later, at the Festival de Cosquín (Córdoba) for which they were awarded the "Premio Consagración". Finally in December of the same year was the last performance of that trio.

It was Luna Park, it was unique, not only because it was an instrumental group who played in that stadium, but because it was done independently.

Without neglecting his career as soloist, as producer and as productions engineer of other artists, Vitale formed in 1997, a trio with Lucho González and Rubén "Mono" Izarrualde. They recorded "Cuando el río suena", a CD that was presented at the Teatro "Presidente Alvear", in Capital Federal.

In July 1998 the trio was invited to the Montreux Jazz Festival (Switzerland), and the following month they toured Japan.




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