Viajero Inmóvil - Difusión de grupos progresivos independientes

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  • Siento las alondras (Alborada) / Tiempo para ver - (1981) - (simple)
  • Anclados al cosmos - (2015)



Members featured in the album

  • Anclados al cosmos - (2015)



HAROLDO OMAR DA RIVA – Electric and acoustic guitars, mandoline, Strumstick and chorus

EDUARDO ADRIÁN DA RIVA – Electric bass and chorus

ROBERTO HUTNICKI - Keyboards, Hammond organ, synths and choros

DANIEL ALEJANDRO BALZA - Drums and percussion




The Arsis group born in Argentina from 1981 to reach success with Under distinctive groups, sharing the stage with prominent local musicians and international groups who visited the country. With fully independent production, he presented his first single exhausting its two editions.

For various individual projects of its members, which included long trips and tours abroad, the band enters an impasse; however it reaches most mentioned in historical records of local music, called by some Progressive Music and other Rock Nacional.

After several years back together and Haroldo, Roberto and Eduardo add their background and experience, besides the contribution of two young members: Daniel Alejandro Balza on drums and the talented Maria Laura Piedrabuena on vocals, reaching a human integration musical, artistic and that every day is reaching power and stirring up the most demanding public, regardless of age or musical preconceptions.

Made filming the video clip “Mi cuenta regresiva” and recorded his 1st CD that bears the name “Anclados al cosmos” linking its intention to constant improvement and harmony with the Order of the Universe.

ARSIS's return to the music scene is simply the continuation of a project quite eclectic and timeless, enriched by the contributions of each and every one of the musicians who integrated and new and young members that allow emotionally reach a discerning audience and varied.

In 2015 presents: “Anclados al cosmos”... a timeless experience.




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