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  • Entering the flesh again - (CDr) - (2015)



Members featured in the album

  • Entering the flesh again - (CDr) - (2015)


FRANCISCO MARCOS - Guitars, lyrics and vocals

MARKO VRLJICAK - Guitars and synths

JOAQUÍN CROSS - Bass guitar and chorus

GONZALO MARTÍNEZ ORÍZ - Drums and chorus




Agrabah were formed in early 2014, when guitarrist Francisco Marcos (former Asfixia) came up with the idea of writing a story about a dystopia where humans are bred just like animals in factory farming. Have in mind that he only had a year and a half left before moving to the Netherlands, he decided to start his Project with Marko Vrljicak, (another former Asfixia member), Gonzalo Martínez Oríz (former Surfistas del Sistema), and Joaquín Cross, a former high school classmate who had only been playing bass guitar for two years.

Due to its members’ lack of time caused by work, university lectures and side-projects, Agrabah was only able to rehearse a couple of Sundays a month. Despite this, by early 2015 “Entering the flesh again” was complete. The album’s lyrics at this point also comprised other aspects of human behavior and its philosophical and moral analysis.

In March 2015, the band plunged into Luciano Fortuny’s Uptown Studios in Buenos Aires and recorded the album roughly within 28 hours. After two months of “micro” mixing sessions, due to Fortuny’s and Marcos’ tight schedules, the album was finished and finally presented in late June. The presentation took place in the Teatro Ciego (Blind Theater) in Buenos Aires. A week later, Francisco Marcos moved to Maastricht and Gonzalo Martínez to Paris.




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