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  • Ingrid - (2015)



Members featured in the album

  • Ingrid - (2015)


EZEQUIEL FINGER - Vibráphone and piano

ALAN PLACHTA - Electric guitar


RICHARD NANT - Trumpet and flugelhorn



Original music quartet, formed in 2012 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In late 2014 he recorded their first album, Ingrid, ION recorded by Pablo Lopez Ruiz and mixed and mastered by Luis Bacqué in NY.

This quartet playing next few years, and finally delivers its first and much awaited album, Ingrid is composed of four remarkable musicians and composers. It is a great pleasure to introduce this super group of renowned musicians with a proposal as unclassifiable as organic.

One might suspect, to see the disk, which carries the name and art, is a singer. But no; Ingrid is the group name, the album title and one of the topics. You can also say that it is the name of this rustic peasant who appears on the cover, or on the same CD. What is certain is that this music has no name. Call Jazz would restrict it to a too small field. It is anonymous music known authors.

Richard Nant pilots with his trumpet or flugelhorn melodies of the songs, although there is also room to sing the vibes of Ezequiel Finger or Alan Plachta guitar often busy acting under, in a group that does not bear. The drums touches of Gabriel Spiller, and so, with two harmonic instruments (and neither is the piano) this rare and interesting quartet is formed, in which all up and all play. Worth mentioning for some unsuspecting, they are all musicians of the first division of Argentina Music.

It all starts in January, as the year. Then comes the expected Ingrid unique composition signed by Spiller on this album, a true rhythmic and melodic jewel that reminds us transmutations's latest album Pipi Piazzolla Trio. In an album in which all contribute much in each track, this is one of the highest points. Alan Plachta solo tears start from the first listen.

The climate in some parts, such as Rivera (track 7), where the vibraphone Finger goes to the piano in a subtle transition is more intimate and seems to follow a preset design, while in other parts of the disk search a vibrant note. Improvisation is a permanent guest at the concerts of this band and the album is no exception. That's what gives this CD the character of popular music source, close to the Jazz, which makes the schemes get out of music written tradition. Or just written, I should say.

Reasons of a section of a subject in a tool head pass another subject, another instrument, naturally. Ingrid constantly recycled materials. Not many fast times, no stridency or abuse of scholarship in instrumental acrobatics. But freedom with flowing Nant trumpet solos in some makes us think of a bebop in super slow motion.

Recorded in a studio privilege as Ion, and an unusual audio quality, Ingrid gives his first recording step with safety and soundness. The album captures the listener's attention from start to finish with a high, timeless, distinguished and universal music.



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