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  • Música para los perros - (1983)



Members featured in the album

  • Música para los perros - (1983)


SAÚL GAONA - Rhythm guitar and violin




TOTI MOREL - Drums and percussion


Guest musicians:

JORGE CÁCERES - Electric piano





The Pro Rock Ensemble, first rock group in Paraguay has recorded an album, debuted directly with a single disk in December 1980. In 1981 they made some television appearances and September 20 of that year he gave his first concert JC Disco (located on today's Shopping Mcal. Lopez). The criticism was very good as the Journal Hoy "the audience was at awe" or Abc Journal "one of the most promising sets of Asuncion". This led to a massive presentation at the Rowing Club with Litto Nebbia, Pastoral and Vivencia (all from Argentina) on 11 September 1982 at which the Paraguayan Rock group and cease to be "underground".

Since then numerous presentations such as the Faculty of Engineering, Caracol Disco, Club Ciudad Nueva, American College, Radio Ñanduti, Picadilly Pub, Martel, among others, as well as presentations on radio and television, always to rave reviews occur. This led to the recording of the LP "Música para los perros" which was released on 23 November 1983. Both the Journal Hoy and Journal Abc nominated as Pro Rock Ensemble as "the Rock full year 1983". The group disbanded shortly after releasing his LP.


Origins of Pro Rock Ensemble:

Antonio Jara was a teammate with Saúl Gaona at the National School of the Capital. They start to act together in student festivals. Then in 1974 up the dance band called “Sharpen” as a singer and lead guitar respectively. In 1975 Saul Gaona enters the Faculty of Engineering and let the music until 1980, when Antonio Jara proposes to form a Rock band to record exclusively in Spanish and own issues (something revolutionary for its time). For this purpose summon him Justy Velázquez (bass), Robert Thompson (guitar) and Toti Morel (drummer) who were already real stars in the Rock environment. What motivated to form the Pro Rock Ensemble was he did not like the Rock environment of the dance orchestras that did cover the successes of the moment (which also formed part) and because they admired the groups of the national Rock, almost unknown, which They were unjustly relegated to a subterranean environment. When the disc was already printed had to choose a name for the group. Saul Gaona had attended a concert by a quartet of American Art Quartet Pro strings and then proposed was called Pro Rock Quintet and Antonio Jara changed the word Quintet by Pro Rock Ensemble.




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