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  • Sobre la educación de las águilas - (2011)
  • Hogar del consuelo - (2011) EP
  • Mientras seamos jóvenes - (2013)
  • Kapar Kapar - (2014) EP



Members featured in the album

  • Mientras seamos jóvenes - (2013)











Blien Vesne is a band from the city of La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Born in 2008. In order to share the miracle of love of Christ.

They have released an EP independently called "Five lessons to Judy Bucknell" which has 5 songs & 3 bonus. Only 25 copies were made.

His musical style is an Ambient/Post Rock but as expressing them, is music of "flesh and bones" nothing machining or scheduled.

More analog to digital, Blien Vesne sounds sweet sounds mixed with melancholy.

At times his songs refer to cold winters, but always, always remind us of better times to come, that spring is about to florecer.A end of 2010 are published by a French stamp in a split with the band that country Lyan .

In 2011 they released "Sobre la educación de las águilas" (SDG022).

That same year they release an EP with two songs and a story called "Hogar del consuelo" (SDG029).

Indescribably feeling comes to mind as I close my eyes, we go away, we'll go together or not.

I think we will. Come! Stand on top of the mountain to tell them about the anguish and social organization,

We have reinterpreted all the rains. Come! go down to the sea to release them, they have created their own gods and they live under their dogmas. They have created for science teachers. But my friend no longer us against strings. They have come to take the best of us. But we are whole.

And the trees sing with us tomorrow. Wth Esteban and Pedro, and Daniel. A carpenter dying on the wood.

I've always wondered if there were burning hands salt fish for breakfast. But it does not matter.

We all took the blood, and all ate the same bread. Everyone.

Come! let us go up to the top of the mountain to see spring blossom.

Blessed Christ enough.

In 2013 he comes to light "Mientras seamos jóvenes" (SDG056).

Edited an EP in 2014 under the name "Kapar Kapar" (SDG068).




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