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  • Fiebre de lo misterioso - (2003)
  • Pradera tóxica - (2003)
  • No más video - (2005)
  • Rutas Insectívoras - (2006)
  • Funktra - (2008) - EP Live improvistaion in Casa Ida
  • Espectro piel de reptil Kaos - (2009)
  • Cruzyficcion monosodica - (2010)
  • Escila - (2010) - Split álbum - Liquidarlo celuloide / Animal machine
  • Sinapsis - (2010)
  • Disturbia ingrávida - (2012)
  • Vértigo magnético - (2014)



Members in the album

  • Vértigo Magnético - (2014)


JUAN DIEGO CAPURRO - Processors, keyboards and vocals






Liquidarlo Celuloide is a Noise Psychedelic Rock band who began his career in early 2003 with the release of their debut album “Fiebre de lo misterioso” (2003). At this stage it was the experimental solo project of Juan Diego Capurro, leader and ideologist of the band. Their sound, then, was more linked to a disturbing and hypnotic Low Fi, conceived as incidental music for imaginary horror films. Following this line at the end of that year released “Pradera tóxica” (2003), an album that drew the attention of the independent trade press of Lima. With the intention of bringing the project to the context of the concerts, recruit guitarist Valentin Yoshimoto (then one of the three heads of Rayobac group) and Christian Marlow on drums. Three concerts which are given this training, and many tests which the subject is rescued, “Alucinación de un leñador sin su mano izquierda”,  as end of the third album called “No más video” (Buh Records, 2005 ). In 2006 the band becomes duo, (Juan Diego Capurro - Valentin Yoshimoto) recording an album much quieter than previous ones, called “Rutas insectívoras” (2006). This does not appear until much later that the seal which was planned out, Internerds Records, closed before the end of mixing. Later that year the band is reset keeping Valentin Yoshimoto as a guitarist and adding to Alfonso Vargas on drums, which would give them a hundred and eighty degree turn emphasizing the Rock sound angle. 2007 is a year of continuous concerts that are gradually evolved to find its climax in the Sinestesia Festival. Event in which one of the times of the band peaks generated. With a dizzying improvisation over an hour. THE 2008 bassist Tete Leguia with which harvested this year, two discs I added “Espectro piel de reptil” (Kaos ex machina, 2009), which would include the four members and the EP “Funktra” (2008), executed in The house I live in Ida, with the formation Capurro, Vargas and Leguia. Valentin Yoshimoto would move away from the band for health reasons, tendinitis prevented him from playing guitar. Along with the release the Split of Liquidarlo Celuloide & Animal Machine, including the EP “Escila” (2010). In 2010 the band is reset retaining Alfonso Vargas on drums and including Javier Manrique on guitar. Product of this union will be born the following year three papers: his most famous albums, released by the label Buh Records: “Sinapsis” (2010) “Cruzyficción monosódica” (2010) and “Disturbia ingrávida” (2012)  one of the albums more Experimental and made his career, and ends collaboration with Javier Manrique to start a new stage, summarizing its formation four (including Efren Castillo Posadas, on guitar and Giancarlo Rebagliatti on bass.) and in a more engaging I direct the live experience, created a balance between the structures, improvisation and sound frenzy that is becoming more intense. “Vértigo magnético” is the name of his new album, released September 12, 2014. It is his badge but Rock to date, still quite experimental vein, seek to create a balance between this and frenetic live experience proposing concerts.


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