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  • Alegoría e ironía bajo censura en la Argentina del Proceso - (2010)
  • Charly en el país de las alegorías - Un viaje por las letras de Charly García  - (2013)
  • Spinetta - Mito y mitología  - (2017)



Mara Favoretto was born in Venado Tuerto, Province of Santa Fe, in 1968. She is a researcher, doctor of letters, and professor at the University of Melbourne, Australia, where she lives since 2003. She has taught courses on popular culture and participated in conferences countries such as Germany, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Chile, Spain, United States, Italy and New Zealand.

She is the author of the books “Charly en el país de las alegorías: un viaje por las letras de Charly García” (2014) and  “Alegoría e ironía bajo censura en la Argentina del Proceso” (2010), and numerous articles of research on the intersections between politics, power and popular music in Argentina, published in magazines and academic editions.




  • Charly en el país de las alegorías - Un viaje por las letras de Charly García  - (2013)


The allegory destroys our expectations that the words say what they mean. Although it has been studied in film, art and literature, has rarely been addressed in popular music. The work of Charly García, one of the most important representatives of the history of Argentine and Latin Rock, is an excellent way to understand different ways of expressing ideas through lyrics. Trained in classical music and interested in mythological literature combines old and new, revitalizing the use of this rhetorical strategy of long tradition, reappears in his songs and renewed. When, for example, in 1980 sang defiantly “Canción de Alicia en el país”, it we meant much more than it seemed at first glance, but to understand, had to struggle to decipher. This book tries to dissect the poetry of this allegorist of our times, reaching the axis of your text, find out what their strategy, their secret, why his compositions us wonder, move us and sometimes we are enigmatic.


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