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  • Monsters - (2014)



Members featured in the album

  • Monsters - (2014)


GUILERMINA PERRINO (MaryGui) - Piano and vocals

EMANUEL MENDEZ (PielReloj) - Guitars, bass, keyboards (virtual), percussion (virtual), strings (virtual), winds (virtual) and vocals




Anybody There is a duet formed by Guillermina Perrino (MaryGui) and Emanuel Mendez (Piel Reloj) from Argentina. They work from their houses through the internet, creating original songs and recording new sounds.

They started working together on 2012. Their first piece of work was a cover of the song Hello by Evanescence, and another one of Radiohead, called There There. After that, they keep working on their own projects till 2014, when they get back together and started to write original songs.

On May 3 Monsters off was published through the internet. This was their first single.

In October 2014, their first album, called Monsters was finished. The entire process was edited by Manu, who also worked on the strings, brass, drums and synthes arrangements using virtual instruments, and recorded his voice, bass and guitar parts. Mary, on the other hand, recorded the pianos and voices.

The album contains ten songs written in English, most of them inspired in different emotions, presenting a wide variety of styles between alternative rock and trip hop. They’re inspired in the of bands like Radiohead, Portishead, Metric, Pink Floyd.

Monsters was finally published on February 1, available in physical format or digital download.

This project brings out a different way to work on music by the distance. We proved that music can be created from anywhere. No matter if you can’t be in the same room to do so, music will find the way to be.




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