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  • 233 - (2011)



Members featured in the album

  • 233 - (2011)


GUIDO SPINA - Piano, keyborards and vocals

IGNACIO MOYANO - Bass and vocals

GERMÁN SUANE - Guitar and vocals


Guest musician:





The group was formed in 2009 with the union of Guido Spina on keyboards and Nacho Mayans on bass and quickly adds to the project Germán Suane on guitar. The band begins to take big steps until in 2010 decides to compose their first album. At the end of the following year they presented their debut album under the name "233".

Recorded and mastered by Cristian Pizzolato in LP Studies in 2011, was played by Guido Spina (piano, keyboards and vocals), Ignacio Mayans (bass and vocals), Germán Suane (guitars and vocals) and as a guest ondrums Hernán Martín (Bahinao) before the official and definitive incorporation of Nicolas Cuenca (current member).

Their music crosses the Rock with a strong emphasis on the song format and explosions, fury and conviction runs joy, melancholy and hope. Each topic, impregnated with strong and soft colors, generates various climates that lead the listener through different paths.

On the album, the bass and drums form the solid foundation for the piano, keyboards and together with, unusual in bands currently vocal arrangements guitars complete harmony creatively and pave the way for the song with their lyrics and melodies.

A material where all the instruments are complemented rhythmically and harmonically, creating a sound mass that at times may look like a rock band.

Currently Dostrestres is conducting unofficial presentation of the album, while preparing to record the video clip that will accompany this new release. The restless spirit of the group makes at the same time and are composing the material that will be part of their second album.




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