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  • Buenos días rock - (1983)
  • Indio - (2 CDs) - (2013)
  • "Indio" en vivo - DVD (ntsc) - (2015)



Members featured in the album

  • Indio - (2 CDs) - (2013)


MIGUEL BERTOLINO - Vocals (Singer) - (recorded live at Teatro Municipal de Santa Fé, 20/12/74)

HORACIO BIDARRA - Keyboards and chorus






AGUSTÍN FERRERO - Vocals - (Indio)

GUSTAVO ANGELINI - Vocals - (Amigo)

ITATÍ BARRIONUEVO - Vocals - (Tiempo)

EDUARDO GAVIOLA - Vocals - (Hombre de ciudad) and chorus

RICARDO LOVOTTI - Vocals - (Mineros) and chorus

CINTIA BERTOLINO - Vocals - (Tierra) and chorus

PABLO FERREIRA - Vocals - (Amigo perdido) and chorus

GUSTAVO CORTÉS - Vocals - (Átomo) and chorus

TATO PASTOR - Vocals - (Carcelero) and chorus

RICARDO LOVOTTI - Vocals - (Mineros) and chorus



The VIRGEM group began to take shape in mid-1972 in the province of Santa Fe, rehearsing a play long winded titled "Indio" whose lyrics and music belonged to two founding members, Horacio Bidarra and  Miguel Bertolino, two keyboard players and singers ex -members of a band called Alma Pura, which reached the second act B.A. Rock Festival (in `71).

The formation of the group was completed at that time with Eduardo Rogatti on guitar (later member of Bubu), Ruben Tucci on vocals and percussion (ex Them), Pedro Guillermo Céliz on bass and on drums Gervasoni (ex member of Bichos de Candy).

The Opera "Indio" was presented in 6 opportunities in Santa Fe and neighboring towns, during that same year there was a frustrated participation in B.A. Rock '72 (suspended by rain).

The last performance Virgem this training was in the Municipal Theatre of Santa Fe, on 20 December '74 (in which a pirate recording was performed) .When were looking for contacts to be in Buenos Aires, 24 March '75, Miguel Bertolino dies in an accident and so the band disappeared from the stage.

In October 1976 Bidarra  reset the group with Roberto Tschopp (guitar and vocals), Alfonso Savignano (on bass) and Rodolfo Paravan (on drums), and prepare the work "El principio del infinito", which consisted in four parts: Buscando el limite, La unidad, El camino y Hasta el fin (de la historia)... the first performance of this work was the March 10 '78 at Rafaela City in the Teatro Belgrano.

After several different formations, after eight years of being formed, the Virgem group (led by Horacio Bidarra) took the decision in 1980 to make their music in Buenos Aires. The plans was recording an album; achieve a writer interested in them but asked them to undertake previously some public to get to know the guys. At that time the band used to play excerpts from his works composed since '72 ("Indio", "El principio del infinito” and "El abismo y la nube"), along with some loose threads that were tested.

Gradually Virgem voiced his style in the Buenos Aires atmosphere, they manage to settle the outstanding bill they had ... playing on the stage of B.A.Rock.

After 10 years, the festival returns to organize the fourth edition was held in November 1982 for 4 Saturdays in the Estadio Obras Sanitarias. Bidarra and company play will open the second day (Saturday 13), with them that day played with Maria Jose Cantilo, Dr.Rock, Aucan, grandparents nowhere, Javier Martinez, Ruben Rada, Spinetta Jade, and Ricardo Soule, the duo Pedro y Pablo (along with Piero). Although there were few people on opening day, Virgem proved to be one of the more mature groups in the interior, with a refined sound music and a sound, which caused a good response from those present at the time.

That performance at the festival he added points to be considered by the recorders, but had to face an independent production to record, once and for all, his long-awaited album.

"Buenos días rock" was the first and only official Virgem album, released in 1983 and performed live for the first time on 18 December of that year at the Teatro Santa Maria.

When recording the album, the band consisted of: Horacio Bidarra (keyboards and vocals), Rodolfo Paravan (drums), Daniel Andretta (guitar), Alfonso Savignano (bass) and Ruben Tucci (lead vocals).

In 2013 the legendary group announced the launch Santa Fe Opera Rock "Indio" Horacio Bidarra began writing letters in 1972 on Miguell Bertolino and to play several times with this group between 1972 & 1985.

"Indio" it has yet managed after a long time of work and with the participation of 16 musicians and singers belonging to different Rock bands of current Santa Fe City. It can be said that has been called a true Dream Team from Santa Fe musicians.

The album contains two discs. There are thirty-six songs and lasts for two hours, the characters are ten, plus four choral groups that are interpreted eleven singers. It was recorded and mixed over the course of the last two years in Santa Fe Recording studios, mastering made by Andrés Mayo, graphic assembly Ricardo Rojas Molina, with illustrations by Michael Bertolino and Mark Henson and photographs of Fredy Heer, José Cettour, Héctor Bruschini, Fabián Hernández, Guillermo Garmendia, Pedro Rafalovich and Larry O. Gay.

The album also contains a booklet with lyrics and a little history.


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